Gardens of Time Guide: Scoring/Star Count/High Scores/Rankings

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As you search for items you will earn points for each item you find.

Once you have found all of the items in a scene you will earn time bonuses and skill bonuses that will be listed in a summary screen right after you finish.

Gardens of Time

Chaining bonuses - Each time you click on a correct answer without any mistakes you are starting a chain bonus. The more items you can correctly identify without a mistake in between will allow you to earn a huge number of points and will increase your skill and timing bonuses as well.

Star mastery - Each time you play a scene you earn a percentage of a star which is shown as a portion of a circle drawn around a star.

You will need to play a scene several times to complete one star and to completely master a scene you will need to earn four stars.

Difficulty level - The more stars you have earned on a scene the harder it will be to find items in that scene as the items listed will become more difficult.

Tip - In the scene menu for a specific chapter you will see the stars listed under the icon. You can go back to play any scene as many times as you wish. Some people prefer to complete the quests or chapter first and then go back to do star mastery. It is up to you how you want to play. Just note that you have to pay in energy points each time you play so if energy is scarce it is best to use it on your quests first.

You will have several quests that have goals asking you to earn a specific number of stars in a location. You will have to visit this one location and search it several times to increase your star count to the level needed to complete the goal.

At the end of each hidden object scene you will see a summary score and at the top you will see what percentage of a star you have earned for completing it.

Moving to the next chapter - Look at the upper right corner of the chapter scene menu. Once you have earned the maximum number of stars required for a chapter you will advance to the next chapter in the game. You may have advanced to the next chapter but you will only be able to unlock a scene within it once you have the required number of reputation points or if you are willing to purchase an instant unlock with gold bars. You may have to add items to your garden until you have enough reputation points to unlock the scene.

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