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Wonders can only be placed by completing quests and then hiring friends to help you build them.

Gardens of Time

Click on the "Build" tab and when the menu expands you will see several category tabs. The tab with the pyramid on it is the "Wonders" tab. You can run your cursor over any wonder to see what quest must be completed to earn it and how many reputation points you will earn once it is completed.

Gardens of Time

The the first wonder which is "Big Ben" can be earned once you complete the "Loose Ends" quest.

Once you complete a wonders quest a message will appear as in the second image above. Click on the "Build" tab and then on the "Wonders" tab. You will now see that the word "Use" has appeared under the unlocked wonder. Click on "Use" and place the wonder in your garden.

Gardens of Time

Once placed you will be prompted to ask for help to complete its construction. Place your cursor over the wonder and click on the message "Ask your friends to help out"

Gardens of Time

Next, a menu will appear showing you how to finish the building. "Big Ben" requires that you hire three neighbors. Click on "Hire Neighbors" and you will be taken to a menu that allows you to send to "Gardens of Time" friends. Note that this list contains all of your Facebook friends that are playing the game. Some will be on your neighbors list and some may not. This is a great way to get new neighbors and show you who among your friends are playing. Click on the names of those you would like to hire and wait for them to accept. Once all the open positions have been filled you will be notified to complete construction by clicking on the wonder and you will be credited with however many reputation points it is worth.

Using gold bars to complete wonders - You also have the option to use gold bars instead of going through the process of asking friends to help and waiting on their responses. You will have to pay per hiring slot and this can be very expensive but will save you a lot of time as it unlocks the wonder immediately. There is a "Finish Instantly" button along side the "Hire Friends" button if you choose to spend your gold bars on it. This hires all friends for you and completes the wonder instantly awarding you with reputation points.

Wonders earn you large amounts of reputation points. "Big Ben" earns you 700 reputation points once you place it and complete its construction. Some of the later wonders you can earn will reward you with thousands of reputation points.

Accepting help from your friends - After you send out the requests for help you will have to wait for friends to respond. This will earn them a coin and or XP bonus if they help you out. When you reload the game again you will see any responses in the "Message Center" under either the "All" tab or the "Wonders" tab located along the top.

Click on "Accept" to anyone that has responded and once you have all positions filled you can complete your wonder by clicking on the construction icon over it.

Note - There is a meter inside each wonder construction icon that hovers above it that shows what percentage of construction is completed. This is a good reminder that you need to check the wonders area and send out help requests if it is taking a long time to finish a wonder. If you only need three friends to help and twenty respond they will all earn a reward bonus, not just the people that you accept help from in the wonders area.

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