Ghost Recon Commander Review

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Ghost Recon Commander offers a refreshing change of pace by focusing immediately on character and gameplay. Specifically, your choice to saddle up as one of three classes of "ghost" soldier: assault, recon or specialist. Each one has their own military niche - strength, stealth, and accuracy - so choose wisely, as you'll be guiding them through 10+ levels on your way to taking down a South American dictatorship.

Anyone on your friends list can be snagged for your team before starting a mission, to a maximum of two other squad members. And for each person you shell out coins to bring along for the ride? You're given bonuses to the stats they excel at. Suddenly, your tank of a fighter is making headshots from behind cover while dodging more stray bullets than ever before.

Ghost Recon Commander

However, if you can convince a couple friends to boot up Ghost Recon Commander and train strategically. And because it's all asynchronous and based on saved data, you can craft killer trios without having to hop online - or better yet, spend time improving your stats while being recruited by other your squad mates.

Ghost Recon Commander

Missions certainly have their own checklists, but they're worlds away from being those checklists entirely. There's a real sense of agency as you send your character from place to place, positioning yourself as smartly as possible to take out enemies, rescue hostages, rig charges, uncover packages, and more.

Ghost Recon Commander

Real touches of Ghost Recon shine through, too, as Commander lets you fluidly swap between each of your three squad members to choose the primary soldier. Combine that with the ability to leave troops behind strategically, and you get a real sense of depth. You could easily make it through each level by dragging my team long with me, but could clearly see the types of on-the-fly commands that would save your bacon on higher difficulties.

Ghost Recon Commander

A slow burn strategy offering, Ghost Recon Commander may deliver frenzied combat and tense firefights, but it does so at a slow and measured pace, with combat style placed much higher on the food chain than pure aggression. In that way, the bullet limit emerges as another way to make gamers choose when they can afford to shoot first, ask questions later, and when they might be better off trading a little health for a choice headshot.

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