Gnome Town Guide: PvP and Throwing Parties

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By Kellie Cardwell-Winters On Gamezebo

You are given several chances a day to compete with other players in the "Gnomespedition" or "PvP" (player versus player) feature.

Gnome Town

This can be found by clicking at the bottom right corner of the game screen. You will see a bandanna type icon along with the number of turns you have left for the day in the upper right hand corner.

You will see a maximum of five turns on the indicator. Once you use these up they will regenerate at a rate of one turn every hour up to a maximum of five turns.

Gnome Town

How to accumulate points - As you place decorative items around your town you may notice that they have a value associated to them. These values fall into three categories which are:

  • Brawl - (Items include - fire pits, rack of armour, and tool shed)
  • Journey - (Items include - hay bale, bonsai tree, bakery, and wheelbarrow)
  • Party - (Items include - picnic tables, flower pots, gnome tavern, and condo)

When you purchase items or when you are gifted items by friends and place them in your town you add to the collective total of each type of points.

If you purchase items with gold bars in the "Special" or "Decoration" menu you can give yourself a huge boost in points in one of the three areas.

The more of these items placed in your town the higher your scores.

The number of neighbors you have and helpers appears to play a part in your score as well. It is not known how this is scored but it is best to keep these numbers as high as possible.

Do not let decorative items gifted to you just sit in your inventory. Be sure to use them and place them in your town right away. For example, if neighbors send you five potted flowers each with a party score of four points, placing all of them in your town will increase your party score by 20 points. If they sit in storage they will not count toward this overall total.

The higher end items in the market will add hundreds of points to your score so you may want to consider purchasing a few if the rewards in this area are important to you.

Place your cursor over any item in your town to reveal its point value if it has one.

Gnome Town

How to play - Once you click on the bottom right corner icon you will bring up a menu like the one shown in the image above.

Look at the number of wins and losses, as well as the level. You may want to stay with people closer to your level but this isn’t always indicative of who will win.

If you see someone you want to challenge click on the "Interact" button at the far right.

Gnome Town

Analyze - Now you will be taken to a screen such as the one shown in the image above.

Here you will see a breakdown of each of the three categories.

Before you challenge this person place your cursor over the category area until it turns gold in color.

Note the comment at the top of the box. If it tells you that you can’t win in that category then do not attempt to challenge this person. Click on "Back to List" and search for another candidate.

It may take a while to win especially in the early levels, but your best bet is to have a lot of neighbors gift you items and place them in your town to get your numbers up.

There is a quest in the game that requires you to win one of five games, which is actually very difficult to do, so concentrate on getting your number up in each of the three categories before you even attempt this feature.

You are allowed only five challenges per 24 hour period.

Gnome Town

If you win a challenge you will earn a large reward and your scores will be posted on the board for others to see.

You will not only be challenging your neighbors but people not on your neighbor list that are also playing the game.

Tip - Do not bother to challenge anyone until you have placed several decor items in your town getting your scores in the high hundreds for each of the three categories and until the indicator tells you that you can win. If you try to play before you can win you will waste time and money.

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