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KeyWord:, Facebook , how to play,Social Games, guide is an isometric, real-time multiplayer role-playing game from Supercell no available on Facebook. takes place in a dystopian, sci-fi world where players do battle on an isometric map. Players arrive in a pristine island called Dreamwake, tasked with fighting off infected citizens and later uncover just what's going on here.

The first thing to do is choose your character class, gender and overall appearance, there are 3 classes to choose from, which one you choose depends on your play style.

Bodyguard – Extremely durable and fierce in melee combat, with armor bonus, in group fight they are in the front, allowing other classes to work at a distance.

Hunter -Like to stay back and do damage with ranged weapons, they are great with all firearms, but cal also engage in close combat with slow enemies when needed, making them the most balanced class.

Medic -This class work more like a backup class, with great ability to heal wounds, it is imperative to all groups and boss fights, but it can also help out from a distance with a nice ranged weapons skill, because it has low armor, it needs protection from the other group members.

After choosing the class that fits your playing style, and your gender, and appearance, like skin color, hair cut and color and face looks, you will be taken to the game itself and up for your first tutorial explanations.


All is done using the mouse, walking around is done by clicking the mouse where you want to go, friendly character will be marked in green, and mission with a exclamation mark, you need to click on the agent to engage in conversation.


Missions are given by NPC characters, your first task is to pick up a gun, it is simple, just click on the gun that is on the floor nearby, it will be maked with a green circle around.


Other objects, like money and rewards from killing enemies or blowing up crates, can be picked-up just by browsing your mouse over them.

Once you pick up the gun, you are up to target practice, your second task, just point and click to the walking zombies, they will be circled in red, you just need to click once, and your character will fire at the target until it kills him, if you want to target another enemy, you need to click on it.


After the first shoots, you will learn that you can pick up other and how to use them, now pick up the bazooka…


The bazooka can be fired once, and you have to select it on the bottom menu area, for weapons:


In the case of the bazooka, you have to select it and then aim to the target, this weapon affects several target in a area, when you are targeting you can see the affected area, marked with a white circle.


After killing this fellows, you have to collect your reward for your first mission, click on the guard with an interrogation mark, to collect it.

After this you have to continue by click on the green marked symbol near the truck, you are going to get busted, and sent to jail, but at this point there is nothing you can do

After the cut scene, you find yourself inside a prison, and you have to get away, you have to talk to a prisoner, to know that you have to escape, and you learn that you can craft custom weapons, using several materials you collect along your journey.


Crafting is actually simple, at least in the starting stages, you have to choose the type of object you want to craft, melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor, accessories, special items and skills. You need to have the necessary resources, in the case above you need 5 bolts, then it start, crafting can take from just a few seconds to lots of hours depending on what you are crafting.

You can craft one item at a time, or purchase additional crafting slots, to craft more than one at a time. Also some items need you to level up in order to be able to craft them.

All you need to escape now is to follow the green arrow pointing the way, and talk to the suggested characters along the way, unless you really mess things up, you should get to Pirate Bay with no greater problems.

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