Happy Hospital Guide: Quick Start Guide

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Happy Hospital

Cure different types of animals and pets in your hospital by building rooms to help relieve them of their illness. Restore elders' youth, keep doctors awake to help patients and ensure medical equipment are charged to keep your hospital buzzing and patients happy. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Happy Hospital by referring to this quick start guide.

Happy Hospital Guide: Quick Start Guide

By Jam Mayer-Flores on

Build Hospital Rooms

During the tutorial, you'll get to build your waiting room, diagnostics, and other basic rooms that need to cure a bear. As you progress through the game, you'll get a chance to build more to expand your hospital. These are needed to cater to more pet patients that require certain rooms to cure them.

Click on the Shop icon just right beside the fountain image and choose what room you'd like to build. To know how many rooms you can build, the shop icon will indicate a number. To unlock more empty space, you need to progress to higher levels.

Happy Hospital

Once you've chosen your room, move around your hospital space and you'll find available spaces to build it. As shown on the image above, just drag the room around and pick your preferred spot.

Take note that once you've built your room, you can't re-arrange them at a later time. Since the game is in beta, things can change, but as of this writing, your constructed rooms will stay as is.

Cure Pet Patients

Leveling up will unlock different pets for you to cure. The first step is to go to the reception and click on the hospital computer. This will show the pets you can cure.

Happy Hospital

It will indicate the rooms it needs to cure the patient, how long it will take and rewards you'll get. The rewards you see on the hospital computer shows what you'll get per room. So, for the giraffe, as an example, you'll get 12 coins and 5 experience points per room. That will be a total of 24 coins and 10 experience points per giraffe cured.

To level up faster, you can use the boost feature on every room. This will shorten your treatment time and get your patients cured in no time. Pick a patient and hover your mouse over it to see how long it will take to finish the treatment.

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