Hidden Chronicles Tips: Where are the Building Parts That My Friends Sent Me?

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You can ask for help from your friends every time you need building parts to complete a building. For this, just click on the green button that says "Ask Friends" located under EACH part needed.

Hidden Chronicles Chinese Roof Tile

You can then select the name of your friends from a drop down menu.

Hidden Chronicles Ask For Help

The building parts will NOT appear in your inventory. They will add up directly to the building (or quest) that require these items in order to be completed.

For instance, The Chinese Pavilion requires the following building parts:
5 x Cherrywood
5 x Chinese Roof Tile
5 x Gold Leaf
5 x Lacquer
3 x Nail Gun
3 x Tool Belt

Hidden Chronicles Finish Your Building

The parts will add up automatically to your building each time a friend respond to your help request. You will see which friend has responded to your help request in your ZSC (Inbox). See image below. You then have the option to Accept and Send a gift in return.

Hidden Chronicles INBOX

To view how to track your crew members, click HERE 

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