Hidden Chronicles Cheats & Tips: Complete Collections for Special Prizes

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Collections are here! Put your Guardian skills to the test by finding collections of hidden objects. Turn them in for unique rewards! Play scenes, find items, and trade in for Rewards!

Hidden Chronicles Collections

Train Robbery

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Bullet (Orient Express)
  • Revolver (Orient Express)

Rewards: Guardian Seal and 190 coins

Invisible Man

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Hat (Orient Express)
  • Suitcase (Paris Bistro)
  • Military Boots (Thief's Lair)
  • Trench Coat (Orient Express)
  • Sunglasses (Paris Bistro)

Rewards: Teepee Tent (700 Estate Points), Guardian Seal, 380 coins

Picnic Date

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Cheese (Cremona Workshop)
  • Wine Bottle (Orchestra Room)
  • Picnic Basket (Central Park)
  • Box of Chocolates (Orchestra Room)
  • Rose (Manhattan Alley)

Rewards: Yurt (800 Estate Points), Guardian Seal, 440 coins

Water Creatures

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Lobster (Mayan Temple)
  • Crab (Conquistador Camp)
  • Starfish (Underwater Wreckage)
  • Toad (Voodoo Shop)
  • Oyster (Mayan Temple)

Rewards: Cactus Garden (1,000 Estate Points), Guardian Seal, 620 coins

Farm Animals

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Sheep (Seamstress' Chamber)
  • Rabbit (Russian Front)
  • Dog (Hermitage Room)
  • Rooster (Peasant Room)
  • Dove (Costume Shop)

Rewards: Fairytale Bridge (1,100 Estate Points), 2 Guardian Seals, 920 coins

Gone Fishing

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Lapdog (Tsarina's Room)
  • Towel (Checkpoint)
  • Oar (Moroccan Bazaar)
  • Goldfish (Tsarina's Room)
  • Fishing Rod (Checkpoint)

Rewards: 16 Energy, 3 Guardian Seals, 1,040 coins

Secret Agent

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Leather Gloves (Checkpoint)
  • Crumpled Paper (Business Office)
  • Safe (Moroccan Bazaar)
  • Manila Folder (Business Office)
  • Spyglass (Moroccan Bazaar)

Rewards: Covered Wagon (1,200 Estate Points), 2 Guardian Seals, 1,160 coins

Precious Jewelry

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Pearl (Chinese Home)
  • Emerald Gemstone (Silk Road)
  • Pocket Watch (Still Life)
  • Rock Crystal (Chinese Home)
  • Raw Gold (Still Life)

Rewards: 16 Energy, 3 Guardian Seals, 1,280 coins


Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Bicycle (Florist Shop)
  • Ship (Still Life)
  • Red Heels (Florist Shop)
  • Horse (Chinese Home)
  • Boot (Still Life)

Rewards: Firepit Lounge (1,300 Estate Points), 2 Guardian Seals, 1,400 coins

Wild West

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Brown Hat (Panhandle Creek)
  • Bullwhip (Professor's Den)
  • Noose (High Stakes Poker)
  • Canteen (Panhandle Creek)
  • Tumbleweed (High Stakes Poker)

Rewards: 16 Energy, 3 Guardian Seals, 1,520 coins

Modern Art

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Medusa (Professor's Den)
  • Modern Sculpture (Skyrise Penthouse)
  • Painter's Palette (Curio Shoppe)
  • Pollock Painting (Skyrise Penthouse)
  • Ape Finger Painting (Curio Shoppe)

Rewards: Horse Stable (1,400 Estate Points), 2 Guardian Seals, 1,640 coins

Dinner Time

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Pitcher (Greek Agora)
  • Spilled Wine (Greek Agora)
  • Copper Pot (Cargo Hold)
  • Gold Plate (Fiorelli Dig)
  • Goblet (Fiorelli Dig)

Rewards: 16 Energy, 3 Guardian Seals, 1,760 coins

Toys and Trinkets

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Nesting Doll (Cargo Hold)
  • Finger Cymbals (Greek Agora)
  • Treasure Map (Swimming Pool)
  • Jar of Marbles (Cargo Hold)
  • Roller Skate (Swimming Pool)

Rewards: Classic Airplane (1,500 Estate Points), 2 Guardian Seals, 1,820 coins

Sailing Adventures

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Ship (Mummification Room)
  • Compass (Excavator's Tent)
  • Handkerchief (Flapper Party)
  • Pocket Knife (Curator's Office)
  • Sun (Excavator's Tent)

Rewards: 16 Energy, 3 Guardian Seals, 2,000 coins

Ladies' Night

Hidden Chronicles Collections

  • Dress (Flapper Party)
  • Silk Gloves (Lovers' Boudoir)
  • Boots (Excavator's Tent)
  • Wig (Mummification Room)
  • Large Ring (Curator's Office)

Rewards: Concert Dome (1,600 Estate Points), 2 Guardian Seals, 2,060 coins



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