Hidden Chronicles Guide: Gardening Storage

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The Gardening Storage is the storage building for your Estate! This building allows you to store Garden Items only, more options to come in the future.

A Message should pop up asking you to build the Garden Storage.

Hidden Chronicles Gardening Storage Guide

The Gardening Storage is worth 620 Coins. It earns 0 Estate Points. Once built, there will be a message that pops up. The Gardening Storage has 16 spaces.

Hidden Chronicles Gardening Storage Guide

To store an item you have to click the Tools button. Then click the Store arrow. This icon will appear when you are in Storage mode. Clicking on an item while in Storage mode will move the item to the Gardening Storage. Once stored, the items will appear in the Gardening Storage as in the image below. Every item that is stored will take 1 space.

Hidden Chronicles Gardening Storage Guide

NOTE: If you store 2 of the same items, they will appear "stacked" in one space in the Storage menu, but will count as 2 spaces. For example, if you have store 2 Cypress Trees, it will count as 2/16 spaces.



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