Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide: Innovation in Decoration

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Decoration Storage Shed in Hidden Chronicles, a building that will allow you to free up that much needed space on your Estate so that you can continue to unlock new scenes by placing new objects (and earning more Estate Points). To go along with Decoration Storage Shed, you can also complete four new quests in Hidden Chronicles called Innovation in Decoration.

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Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide: Innovation in Decoration

Innovation in Decoration 1 of 4:

  • Place the Decoration Storage Shed
  • Play 3 Scenes
  • Get 4 Moving Pads

The Decoration Storage Shed costs just 620 coins, and you don't need to actually finish its construction to complete this quest. You'll simply need to place the base of the item on your Estate and then move on. The Moving Pads are earned through individual requests sent to your friends. You'll receive 280 coins and 50 XP for completing this quest.

Innovation in Decoration 2 of 4:

  • Earn 3 Trophies in the Voodoo Shop Scene
  • Earn 8 Trophies in the Journey in Jade Chapter
  • Get 3 Forklifts

You'll need to ask your friends for the Forklifts, but the other two tasks in this quest are all up to you. You'll need to earn three mastery trophies in the Voodoo Shop scene, which already happens to be in the Journey in Jade Chapter. There are five scenes in all, so you should already have the eight trophies necessary for this second tasks if you've been playing the game for quite a while. For completing this quest, you'll earn another 280 coins and 50 XP.

Innovation in Decoration 3 of 4:

  • Get 3 Landscaping Books
  • Place Any 2 Decorations

The Landscaping Books are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the other task can be completed simply by opening up the decorations tab in Hidden Chronicles's store and choosing two cheap items. You'll earn 310 coins for completing this one.



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