Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide: Jillian's Challenge

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A duo of quests has launched in Hidden Chronicles recently, which, while simple, actually unlock a new way to play with your friends in the game. The Jillian's Challenge quests will allow you to receive a new FastFind scene, giving you more variety when visiting friends' Estates in the future. As it stands, there are two quests to complete.

By Brandy Shaul From

Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide: Jillian's Challenge

Jillian's Challenge 1

  • Unlock Spring Egg Hunt Scene
  • Hide 3 Spring Eggs or Secret Packages
  • Start a FastFind Game

The Spring Egg Hunt Scene requires you to collect five friends as "staff" to actually unlock it. You'll do this via individual requests sent to your neighbors. Once you complete this quest, you'll receive three energy, 220 coins and 40 XP.

Jillian's Challenge 2

  • Start the Spring Egg Hunt FastFind Game

This second quest simply asks you to play the new scene that you've unlocked, so you'll need to visit a friend's Estate and click on the stopwatch to challenge them. From there, you can select the Spring Egg Hunt scene to play. You'll receive three energy, another 220 coins and another 40 XP for finishing this quest.

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