Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide: Lost Harp

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Here below will share with you the set of 12 defferent quests to complete in Lost Harp Quest of Hidden Chronicles. Let's check out.

Hidden Chronicles Lost Harp Quest Guide

St. Patrick's Day has come to Hidden Chronicles this month, as a woman named Fiona has approached you in the game, asking you to use your gift in learning the history of an ancient harp that may have belonged to her ancestors.

There are plenty of Irish-themed touches in Hidden Chronicles to go along with this feature, including three scenes to unlock and items to purchase in the store. The biggest part of this feature though is the set of 12 different quests to complete, which below have a guide of right here!

The Lost Harp 1 of 12

  • Place the Irish Patio Bar
  • Place 2 of Any Scene
  • Play 2 Games of FastFind
  • Rewards: 220 coins and 40 Xp
You can play the same scene twice or two different scenes once to fulfill that task. Meanwhile, the Irish Patio Bar costs 1,600 coins in the store. Once finished, it offers 250 Estate Points to your Manor.

The Lost Harp 2 of 12

  • Place a St. Patrick's Day Decor
  • Hide 3 Secret Packages
  • Get 3 Green Smoothies
  • Rewards: 220 coins and 40 XP

The Lost Harp 3 of 12

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind
  • Get 2 Clover Cupcakes
  • Complete the Irish Patio Bar
  • Rewards: 220 coins and 40 XP
The Irish Patio Bar requires you to add four people as staff members by asking your friends to help. You'll also unlock the Ancestral Castle scene for future play.

The Lost Harp 4 of 12

  • Play Ancestral Castle Scene
  • Place Any 2 Structural Items
  • Play 3 of Any Scene
  • Rewards: 250 coins and 45 XP

The Lost Harp 5 of 12

  • Place a Kelley's Pub
  • Earn 2 Trophies on Ancestral Castle Scene
  • Get 4 Green Coloring
  • Rewards: 250 Coins and 45 Xp
The Kelley's Pub costs 2,350 coins and offers 400 Estate Points to your Manor.

The Lost Harp 6 of 12

  • Play 4 Games of FastFind
  • Get 3 Irish Mugs
  • Complete the Kelley's Pub
  • Rewards: 250 coins and 45 Xp
Kelley's Pub is an item collection building, requiring you to collect 23 items in all through a combination of individual requests to neighbors and general requests on your wall. You also unlock the second scene in this event: Immigrant Ship.

The Lost Harp 7 of 12

  • Place O'Carolan Brews
  • Hide 4 Secret Packages
  • Play Immigrant Ship Scene
  • Rewards: 280 coins and 50 Xp
The O'Carolan Brews building costs 2,800 coins in the store and adds 550 Estate Points to your Manor.

The Lost Harp 8 of 12

  • Earn 3 Trophies on Ancestral Castle Scene
  • Earn 2 Trophies on Immigrant Ship Scene
  • Get 5 Green Top Hats
  • Rewards: 280 coins and 50 XP

The Lost Harp 9 of 12

  • Earn 3 Trophies on Immigrant Ship Scene
  • Have 2,000 coins
  • Get 6 Leprechaun Shoes
  • Rewards: 280 coins and 50 XP

The Lost Harp 10 of 12

  • Complete O'Carolan Brews Building
  • Play 5 Games of FastFind
  • Get 4 Fiddles
  • Rewards: 310 coins, 55 XP
The O'Carolan Brews Building requires six staff members to complete, so ask your friends to help you out by joining you.

The Lost Harp 11 of 12

  • Play Musical Quinns Scene
  • Earn 2 Trophies on Musical Quinns Scene
  • Get 5 Rainbows
  • Rewards: 310 coins

The Lost Harp 12 of 12

  • Earn 10 Trophies on St. Patrick's Day Scenes
  • Get 7 Lucky Clovers
  • Get 6 Pots o'Gold
  • Rewards: 310 coins, 55 XP, 400 Estate Points, Lucky Rainbow

These quests will only be available for the game for a limited time - 18 days, to be exact. Make sure you start them now and work on them frequently throughout the event to have a chance of completing all of them in time.



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