Hidden Chronicles Guide: Complete Coin Making

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Below will list out all the ways that you can make money in Hidden Chronicles, and by applying all of these methods, you will be able to earn money fast and easy in Hidden Chronicles.

Complete Hidden Chronicle Scene

This is the major method of generating Hidden Chronicles money, you will earn money rewards. The higher scores that you obtain in each scene, the higher the money that you will receive at the end. This bonus include the FastFind scenes that you can play on your neighbor's estate.

Hidden Chronicle Quests

Complete the quests requirement will grants you with rewards such as XP and coins, in addition to many decoration and building items. In addition, you can sell those decoration or building items for additional money.

Selling Hidden Chronicle Items

There are many items that you can obtain via social feeds, or Hidden Chronicles quest rewards. You can sell some of those items to make additional money in game.

Hidden Chronicle Social Feed Rewards

Hidden Chronicles is a social game where you can obtain many rewards via its social feeds. Look often to collect them and earn more items and gold. Depending on the feed reward, the amount of money rewards differs.

Visiting Neighbors

When you visit your Hidden Chronicles neighbors, you will receive some coins as well as energy. The energy can be used for you to play through more scenes and earn Hidden Chronicles coins.

Search for Hidden Package from Neighbors

When you login into your estate, a message will let you know whether or not your neighbors have left hidden packages. You can look for those packages for minor coin gain at 50 coins. If you have many Hidden Chronicles neighbors, the amount does add up.

Leave Hidden Package at Neighbor Estate

You will also earn minor 50 coins when you leave hidden packages at neighbor's estates. Visit your friends on a daily basis to take full advantage of the coin gain.

Purchase Hidden Chronicle coins using Real World Cash

You can always purchase coins by using real world money. You can try to lookout for sales that goes on periodically instead of paying the sticker price when you really need the coins.

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