Hidden Chronicles The Ville Quests Guide

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These quests aren't mandatory, but you will receive free coins, experience points and other items if you complete them. Here's a guide on how to do just that!

The Ville 1 of 5:

  • Play The Ville
  • Have 999 Coins
Rewards: 120 coins, 115 XP

The Ville 2 of 5:
  • Get 2 Housewarming Invitations
  • Get to Level 3 in the Ville
Even if you've already reached Level 3 before starting this quest, you'll need to click on the in-game button to head to the Ville so that you progress can "sync" between the two games. You will then need to refresh Hidden Chronicles to see the checkmark appear next to this task in Hidden Chronicles. When you complete this quest, you'll receive two Target Hints, along with 130 coins and 120 XP.

The Ville 3 of 5:
  • Find 45 Items in FastFind Scenes
  • Get to Level 6 in the Ville
You'll receive two energy, 250 coins and a Firepit Lounge for completing this goal, but interestingly, you might receive the Firepit Lounge before every reaching this quest. If you suddenly see a pop-up telling you the item is in your inventory, then this is why.

The Ville 4 of 5:
  • Find Parrot in the Costume Shop Scene
  • Ask for 3 Fresh Eggs
  • Reach Level 9 in the Ville
Rewards: 5 energy, 300 XP, 3 Target Hints

The Ville 5 of 5:
  • Hide 3 Packages in Neighbors' Estates
  • Reach Level 12 in the Ville
Rewards: 220 coins, 325 XP, Dollhouse Tent



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