Hidden Chronicles Tips: Boost Your Score

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This post provided a few tips that will definitely enhance and boost your Hidden Chronicles scores. Use and combine all of these practical methods to earn more trophies and beat your friends.

It is best if you play a certain scene over and over until you learn where everything is. However, read on to learn the specific details about how to increase your scores.

Avoid Misclicks

Misclicks should be avoided at all costs. Misclick can both lower your accuracy bonus if you misclick too often, it also terminates your bonus counter instantly. Always be accurate and click the hidden objects with 100% rate is the best way to boost your score.

Learn Vocabulary

There are a few hidden objects that are named obscurely, learn what those are and by heart what they look like in game. There might be things that you have no idea what they are and therefore you miss them. Learn all the different objects that are available in game will surely help you increase the score.

Study Map Positions

Play a few scenes over and over until you learn everything and where they are located. There are items in each scene that are hard to find because they are so drawn into the background. By study ahead of time on where they are located, you will enhance your speed and accuracy for higher scores.

Continue the Combo

The combo amount can greatly boost the final score that you have in game, it is good practice that you slow down your click so that you can continue the combo. Look ahead of time on what you are going to click next, you want to continue the combos to get the maximum amount of multiplier score boost. The boost that you will obtain will offset the time that you spend to continue the hidden object combo.

Use Hints

In each scene, you can still use 1 hint without it hurting your hints bonus score, so use it to your advantage. Hints at the right timing can save you and propel your in-game score higher by continue the combo and avoid misclick.

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