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Hosting a party is fun, but it’s a lot of hard work. You’ve got to decorate your house, invite enough people over, make sure there’s enough food, keep the drinks flowing, keep hot music going, and then do a monster amount of cleaning up the next day. It’s enough work that maybe you’d rather not actually throw a party for all your friends. Maybe you’d rather just throw it on Facebook, where nobody can crash and no one will throw up in your toilet. If so, then Home Fest is the game for you.

Home Fest is Buenos Aires-based developer Atommica’s answer to Booyah’s Nightclub City. It has the same emphasis on trying to attract as many people as possible to your venue, which in this is your house. This changes the types of decorations you buy and the overall feel of the game. You can also throw hours-long parties instead of Nightclub City’s shorter sessions. During parties you listen to random mixes of 30-to-60 minute clips drawn from a range of genres, based on musical preferences you tell the game when you configure your account.

Home Fest

The music in Home Fest is provided by Sony Music Latin America, so most of the songs you hear are extremely recognizable (if often more than a few years old). There’s not a lot of the indie stuff that fills out Nightclub City’s playlists, which a player could take as good or bad depending on personal taste. You can still buy downloads of favorite songs you hear by clicking on an in-game link, which is convenient and encourages a player to keep the sound on and actually listen to the game’s party mixes.

In Home Fest you somehow earn money by attracting people to your parties, which is exactly the opposite of how that works in real but frankly a lot more fun. To make the biggest, most profitable party you need to fill your house with entertainment like DJs and bartenders and decorations like cool furniture, wallpapers, floors, and other random stuff. You can spend money you earn on expanding and improving your house, or decking out your avatar in flashier party clothes.

Home Fest

Home Fest is a promising game, though if you log in now you’ll find it’s a bit rough around the edges. The music library is still limited, so you’ll get a lot of song repetition during your song mixes. There’s not a lot of stuff to buy yet and not a lot of avatar clothes available. Some obviously major features, like taking photos of your party house or sending friends virtual gifts, are still disabled. Home Fest is still worth checking out, though, since there’s still not a lot else on Facebook that’s like it.



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