Island God Guide: Quest List

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Island God

This is an unofficial list of all the quests thus far in Island God, as well as their rewards. And the author will update the list as he reaching new quests. Check details in this guide.

Island God Guide: Quest List

By 'Faith on official forum

Chapter 1 - The first steps as a god

1. Gather some wood!
- Gather wood from the Wood production spots (50)
Reward: 250xp

2. Build a Stone Quarry
- Construct a Stone Quarry (1)
Reward: 250xp

3. Build a Bungalow
- Construct a Bungalow (1)
Reward: 50xp

4. Let there be light!
- Purchase a Camp Fire (1)
Rewards: 100xp

5. Gather wood and stone
- Gather wood from the Wood production spots (60)
- Gather Stone from the Stone production spots (25)
Reward: 230xp, 250 coins

6. Purchase torches!
- Purchase some Torches (6)
Rewards: 50xp

7. Light my fire!
- Activate the Torches (6)
Rewards: 50xp

8. Pay a visit to Zeus!
- Pay a visit to Zeus' Island (1)
Reward: 50xp

9. Name your Tribe
- Change the Tribe Name from the Manage Tribe screen (1)
- Purchase a Wooden Sign from the Market (1)
Reward: 60xp, 250 coins

Chapter 2 - Establishing a new culture

10. Dr. Jones
- Construct an Adventurer's Tent (1)
Reward: 50xp

11. First Adventure!
- Gather Treasures (1)
Reward: 250xp

12. The Beastly Boars!
- Get rid of the boars (3)
Reward: 25xp

13. Visit 5 of your friends island's
- Visit your friends' islands (5)
Reward: 550xp

14. Help thy Neighbor!
- Activate neighbors' Torches (5)
- Activate neighbors' Camp Fires (2)
Reward: 100xp

15. Flowers and Berries
- Purchase some Flower Boxes (2)
Purchase some Tiny Blueberry Bushes (2)
Reward: 150xp, 500 coins

16. More clever ideas!
- Construct a Research Hut (1)
Reward: 150xp

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