It Girl: Paris Hilton Simulator

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Crowdstar's It Girl may be best described as a Paris Hilton simulator. It's a game where you attempt to become the richest girl in the city by buying the hottest clothes and partying the hardest. Day jobs? Pfft! How middle-class. In It Girl, you periodically get care packages of money just for existing. From the description you might expect a game that's a clone of, say, Playdom's Big City Life, butIt Girlis a surprisingly complex game that plays more like a 2D MMO.

 It Girl takes place in a virtual recreation of New York, with the fashionable Union Square and Soho districts playable for now. You can visit a variety of clothing stores in the hub area, which have a variety of stats to track (much like the equipment in MMOs). Different clothes are more suited to some occasions than others and clothes also have a "hotness" rating that you need to take into consideration.

It Girl

Rather than just buying whatever you want from stores, you basically sift through the racks and get something randomized that changes when a store restocks. This makes creating the right outfits for the right parties a pleasant challenge. Going to parties and winning by out-fashioning the other girls there is It Girl's equivalent to battling monsters to level up. By winning showdowns you earn extra money and experience. You can also take quests (seriously, called quests) to gain experience by buying particular clothes or winning particular types of parties.

It Girl

For fashion-oriented games the visuals are very important to the game's appeal, since you want a good-looking avatar wearing great-looking virtual fashions. It Girl shines in this department, with what feels like hundreds of fashion in the game already and dozens of ways to customize your avatar's face and hair. Environments are very detailed, though right now you sometimes can't showdown with certain NPCs because they're too close to the top of the screen.

It Girl

It Girl is an extremely promising take on the Facebook fashion sim. Fans of this type of game will definitely want to check it out. It may even be the sort of game that's good enough to make you put down whatever fashion sims you're already playing in favor of something that makes playing dress-up a little bit more challenging. This game might even please fans of casual MMOs looking for a decidedly new take on the genre.



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