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Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age is a kingdom simulation/role playing game from Funzio, and this guide will tell you how to play it!

By Darcie King From Gamezebo

You can build your kingdom and army, fight monsters, and go to battle against other kingdoms in Kingdom Age. This guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make your kingdom the greatest in the land.

Getting Started

Kingdom Age

Navigating the Screen

Kingdom Age Toolbar

  • At the top of the screen you will find your balances for gold, gems, energy, stamina, and experience.

Kingdom Age Toolbar

  • Just below that you will find your current food stores and size of your army.

Kingdom Age Toolbar

  • At the bottom right of the screen you will find your item store, buildings (build mode), multitool, your hero, battle list, and world map.

Kingdom Age Toolbar

  • On the left side of the screen you will find your current quests.


  • Gold: Gold is the main currency in Kingdom Age. You will need to gold to purchase upgrades, recruit soldiers, and to build your kingdom. Gold is earned by completing quests, collecting taxes and income, killing monsters, and winning battles against rivaling kingdoms.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium currency in Kingdom Age. Gems allow you to purchase premium items, and speed up building upgrades and recruiting. Gems can be purchased using your credit card.
  • Energy: Energy allows you to fight monsters in the various areas on the world map. Depending on the type of monster, you will use up a certain amount of energy. When monsters attack you, you will lose energy as well. Once you have run out of energy, you will either need to wait for it to replenish or use an energy boosting item.
  • Stamina: Stamina allows you to go to battle against rivaling kingdoms. Each time you attack a rivaling kingdom it will cost you one stamina point. Once you run out of stamina you will need to wait for it to replenish or purchase more using gems.
  • Experience: Experience is earned by fighting monsters, winning battles against rival kingdoms, and completing quests. Once you've earned enough experience you will level up. Leveling up unlocks new items such as buildings and weapons.
  • Food: Food is used to feed your army. You will need to build farms to grow crops as well as silos to store food in. You need to make sure you have enough food to feed all your troops.
  • Army: Your army will go to battle against rival kingdoms. It will also protect your kingdom while you are away from your game. You can recruit military personnel via your barracks. Upgrade your barracks to unlock different fighters.

Kingdom Age Item

  • Item Store: The item store is where you can purchase new weapons and armor.

Kingdom Age Building

  • Buildings: The buildings button will open up build mode for the game. There are various buildings you can place in your kingdom, and each provides useful benefits. They are as follows:

Kingdom Age Buildingv

  • Money: Buildings under the money tab are businesses. Building them will allow you to collect income from them over time.

Kingdom Age Building

  • Military: The military tab is where you will find buildings that allow you to recruit infantry and magic wielders, as well as build various defenses for your kingdom.

Kingdom Age Building

  • Food: The food tab is where you will find farms and silos. Farms will produce food for your kingdom and silos will provide you with storage for your food.

Kingdom Age Building

  • Decoration: Decorations allow you to customize your kingdom and make it unique. Currently, decorations only provide an aesthetic benefit to your kingdom.

Kingdom Age Building

  • Expansion: Under the expansion tab you can expand your kingdom. This will allow you more space to build in.
  • Multitool: The multitool button gives you access to the select tool, move tool, rotate tool, and sell tool.
  • Profile: Your profile is where you will find your hero's stats and skills.

Kingdom Age Stat

  • Stats: On your profile stats page you will be able to view how many battles you've won and lost, your army's stats, and your kingdoms assets.

Kingdom Age Skill

  • Skills: Your skills page shows you your current skill levels. Each time you level up you will be able to increase your skills.

Kingdom Age Inventory

  • Inventory: Your inventory is where you will find all your weapons and armor. Your hero will automatically equip the best weapons and armors you have available. Each member of your military will equip one weapon and one piece of armor.

Kingdom Age

  • News: The news page will keep you up to date on new items added to the game. You will also be able to view your rivals who have attacked you here. If you choose to, you can also seek revenge on those who beat you at battle while you were away.

Kingdom Age Daily Reward

  • Daily Reward: Each day that you log into the game will earn you a bonus. Each consecutive day you log in will earn you a larger bonus.

Kingdom Age World Map

  • World Map: The world map will show you all the areas you can currently access and how much progress you have made in each area.

Kingdom Age Battle List

  • Battle List: The battle list shows you a list of rivals you can attack. You will be able to see the number of buildings their kingdom has as well as how large their army is. If a kingdom is significantly weaker than yours, you may not be able to attack them.
  • Rivals: Rivals are other kingdoms that you can attack and that can attack you. When you log into the game you will see a list of rivals who have attacked you while you are away. Through your battle list you can attack other kingdoms.

Kingdom Age

  • Armor: Armor protects you from enemy attacks. Your hero will automatically equip the best armor you have available.

Kingdom Age

  • Weapons: Weapons allow you to do damage against enemies. The stronger your weapon, the more damage you can do. The more damage you inflict, the less energy you will use in battle. Your hero will automatically equip the best weapon you have available.
  • Quests: You will be given numerous quests to go on in Kingdom Age. Quests will earn you gold, experience, weapons, and/or armor, among other bonuses.
  • Areas: Many quests will send you into different areas like The Dark Forest. These areas will be full of monsters that you will need to clear out.
  • Area Mastery: When you are in an area, you can view your area mastery at the bottom left of your screen. This shows you the percentage of the area you have completed.
  • Monsters: You will be battling many monsters in Kingdom Age. Every monster will take a certain amount of energy to attack, and it will likely take numerous attacks to bring them down. The stronger a weapon is the less time if will take to defeat a monster. Once you've attacked a monster they will attack you back. Monster attacks will damage your energy. Armor can help to protect you from their attacks. One a monster has been defeated you will be able to collect experience and any loot the monster may have dropped.

Kingdom Age Loot

  • Loot: When you defeat a monster, you will be able to collect loot from their body. Usually loot consists of gold, but sometimes monsters can drop weapons and/or armor. Click on the loot button to see what types of loot a monster will drop and the rarity at which they drop it.

Building Your Kingdom

  • Before you can go to battle, you will need to build up your kingdom and recruit some soldiers.
  • To recruit soldiers you will need several buildings.
  • Cottages increase the number of soldiers you can recruit. Each cottage allows you to recruit five new military members. You can upgrade cottages to increase that number.
  • You need to build farms to produce food to feed your army. You will also need silos to store the food you grow. Each level one farm earns five food every hour and each level one silo can hold 15 food. You can upgrade each of these to increase those numbers.
  • You will need to build a barracks to begin recruiting. The barracks can be found under the military tab in buildings. Once you have built your barracks, click on the building to open the barracks window.

Kingdom Age

  • Once you are in the barracks window you will be able to train foot soldiers and archers. You will unlock knights and assassins when you upgrade your barracks and complete additional research.
  • Click on the training button to train your soldiers. Select the number you wish to train and click train again. You can queue up four trainings and when you return to the game later your soldiers will be ready to go into battle.

Kingdom Age

  • Another important building in your kingdom is your castle. Clicking on your castle will open a new window that will allow you to upgrade your castle and also begin research projects.
  • Research projects will unlock new items in the game, increase the number of buildings you can build, and unlock new soldiers.
  • You can only have one research project at a time and they take time to complete. You can choose to speed them up if you have gems available.
  • You will also want to upgrade your buildings as time goes on. As mentioned previously, upgrading buildings will increase their production, allow for a larger infantry, unlock new items and increase storage.
  • To upgrade a building, simply click on it and click on the upgrade button.
  • You can only upgrade one building at a time so you will need to wait for the upgrade to finish before you can upgrade another building.

Going into Battle

  • Once you have built up your kingdom, it's time to go to battle.
  • There are two types of battles you can fight in in Kingdom Age. You can go to the world map and send your hero to fight monsters, or you can take your army and go to battle against other kingdoms.
  • To fight monsters, go to the world map and select the area you wish to visit.

Kingdom Age Battle

  • Monsters will not attack you until you attack them. Find the monster you wish to attack and click on him to begin fighting. You can queue up multiple attacks by clicking on the monster repeatedly.
  • Each attack will take a certain amount of energy and when a monster attacks back it will damage your remaining energy.
  • To make the best use of your energy make sure you have powerful weapons and armor. Don't worry about equipping them as your hero automatically equips their best items.
  • Once you have defeated a monster be sure to collect any loot they've dropped.
  • You can also attack monsters defensive buildings.
  • To go to battle against other kingdoms, return to your kingdom and open the battle list at the bottom right of your screen.
  • The battle list will show you a list of kingdoms that are approximately the same strength as yours. You will be able to see how large their army is and how many buildings they have.
  • If you do not wish to battle anyone in the list, you can click the refresh button to see new rivals you can battle.
  • Once you've decided on a kingdom to attack, click the attack button to be taken to their kingdom.

Kingdom Age

  • Once in their kingdom, you will need to select the area of the kingdom you wish to attack. Once you've selected the area the battle will begin.
  • Your soldiers will attack theirs and also any buildings that are within the area. If you deal enough damage to a building you can destroy it and collect bonus loot (food, gold) from it.
  • Once the battle is over the battle results window will open. Here you will be able to see if you were victorious and how much gold and experience you earned.
  • Once you close the window you can choose to attack again, or you can click on the return to kingdom button at the bottom right of the screen to return to your kingdom.

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