Kingdom Age Tips: Skill Points Spending

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Kingdom Age

When you gain levels, you will get three skill points, and will be prompted to choose which attributes to increase. But if you don't spend one skill point at a level up, you'll keep that skill point, so that next time you level up, you have four skill points to use.

Kingdom Age Skill Points


  • Army Attack - Increase your attack to improve your chances when fighitng rivals.
  • Army Defense - Increase your defense to better fend off rival attackers.
  • Stamina - Increase your max stamina to battle more rivals. (2 skill points = 1 stamina)
  • Hero Strength - Hero strength increases your damage against monsters. (2 skill points = 1 stamina)

The two most important skill point additions are Hero Strength, which adds to your attack power when you are completing missions out in the field, and Stamina, which gives you more turns to attack or invade other players. Unfortunately, those each cost two skill points to improve and the attributes which cost one skill point to improve are mostly useless.

Do add every skill points on Hero Strength, despite saving a few for Stamina.You gain XP every strike you hit on any monsters. Thus the more damage you do per hit, the less hit you would need to finish a monster, and the less XP you gain. This is even more important if you need to farm for your army equipment. Enough stamina is a must, and too much is a waste. From my personal point of view: 1/3 of level < Stamina < 1/2 of level

i.e. a level 10 player should have 3-5 stamina.

But everyone has his own decision, you can choose the one you love. This tips only tell you which one is more important to your character.

So how do you add your skill points? Please leave your comments below.



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