Legends: Rise of a Hero Guide: A Beginner Guide

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This quick guide will help you about the game Legends: Rise of a Hero. With it you can know more detailed images, information, and hints on how to play it better.

By Tawny Muller From GameZebo

Legends: Rise of a Hero is a social fantasy role-playing game created by Mob Science and Zynga. Embark on a quest to save the princess and restore the kingdom to its former glory while battling hoards of monsters and forging your own weapons! This quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Getting Started

  • When starting the game up for the first time, you will get to create your character. First, select the gender and class you would like your character to be. Choose wisely, because this is the class you will be stuck with! You can choose from Warrior, Ranger, or Wizard.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • Warrior- This is a tough class that likes to get up close and personal in their fight style. They are quite hardy and built to both give and take a beating.
  • Ranger- A weaker class, Rangers are quick and nimble when it comes to avoiding damage, and prefer to attack at a safer distance to avoid harm.
  • Wizard- This class specializes in magic, and rarely misses an attack.
  • Once you've decided, click the "Choose" button.
  • Now, it's important to familiarize yourself with the basic screen layout, and what all the various icons and meters mean.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • Gold- This is the game's main currency. You can obtain this by completing quests, collection, or slaying monsters.
  • Gems- These are a special secondary currency. They're much rarer and more valuable, and can be obtained by leveling up.
  • Loyalty- You can receive this as a reward by completing quests and helping other people.
  • Health- Also known as HP, this is your health meter. When it drops to 0, your quest will be abruptly ended and you will be returned home. Health recharges on its own, and can also be found by defeating enemies or through potions.
  • Energy- This is needed to complete tasks, such as mining, gathering, collecting, clearing, etc. Any action except for moving and fighting requires energy. Energy will recharge on its own over time, though it can also be found by slaying monsters.
  • Experience- or EXP, this keeps track of how much experience you've collected and how much more you need to progress to the next level. Earning experience will reward you with better character upgrade possibilities.
  • Settings- From here you can tweak in-game settings, such as sound and music.
  • Inventory- This is where all the items you collect are kept.
  • Store- From here you can purchase new items, such as potions, buildings, and decorations.
  • Tools- This is where cursor options can be found, such as the ability to move and rotate objects.
  • Map- Click on this to gain access to the world map. Toggle over a region and click on it to fast-travel to that area. Regions with a lock cannot yet be accessed.
  • Profile- View your character and equipment from here. This is also where you can alter your character's stats, weapons, and armor.
  • Home- Click this button to instantly be transported to your home area.
  • Attacks- These are your attack types, which are automatically used when you fight. As you fight, a small fill-up meter will appear within these icons to show how long until the next attack. Additional attack types can be acquired by leveling up.
  • Location- This displays your current location.
  • Friends- Your friends are shown and can be added from here. Friends can help you on a quest once a day.
  • Quests- These are your missions. Complete these to obtain rewards!

How to Play

  • In order to move your character, simply click on the location you would like them to move to. They will then run to that location.
  • To see another portion of the game area (i.e., if you want to see something farther than your character's location), simply click on an area of the ground and hold the click, using the mouse to move the screen.
  • When you'd like to talk with a character, simply click on that character to initiate a conversation. If a character has a gold "!" over their head, it means they have a quest to offer.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • Once a quest has been "activated", an icon will appear on the left side of your screen. Click on this to view quest details, progress, and requirements for completion.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • Completing quests will offer rewards such as Gold, Loyalty, Experience, or additional items.
  • There are many enemies wandering around this land. When you encounter one, you can toggle your cursor over them to see what kind of enemy they are, and how much health they have, before initiating an attack.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • Once an attack is initiated, a red ring will appear on the ground around the target enemy. The attack icons at the bottom of your screen will automatically cycle, showing you how long you have to wait until another attack, and what kind of attacks are being dealt. Attacks do not cost energy, but they can cost health if you're hit.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • When you defeat an enemy, they will almost always drop items. Simply move your cursor over these drops to collect them. Drops can be anything from useful items and weapons, to health, experience, and energy.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • In addition to useful items being dropped by enemies, they can also be found by searching various items scattered throughout the area. These locations can be as obvious as an unopened treasure chest, or as simple as a barrel full of water or a bush. Searching requires 1 energy.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • Another way to gather useful items and materials is to do activities such as mining. Rocks and trees, for example, can be harvested for useful item drops. Some drop special items that can't be found anywhere else. Each time you mine or harvest these objects, 1 energy will be depleted.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • All the items you collect can be found in your inventory, symbolized by a backpack icon towards the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Once you have a building such as a Weaponsmith or Armorsmith, you can use materials you've found to construct better weapons and items for yourself. Simply select the item you would like to craft to view the requirements. If you do not have the right materials, toggle the mouse over the materials box to see where you can find them. When you do have enough materials, select "Craft" to create the item. You will have to wait an allotted amount of time before the weapon will become available. Once finished, click on the smithy to cause the weapon to appear, then move your cursor over it to collect it. It costs 1 energy to collect.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • When you'd like to equip a new weapon or item, select the "Profile" button in the lower right corner. From here, select the armor, weapon, or item type you'd like to change. Once there, select "Equip" on the item you'd like to change. You can also toggle over items to see their stats, and whether or not they'd be an improvement or a detriment to your character. You can also sell extra weapons from here.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • By collecting experience, you can level up. When you level up, you will be given Skill Points to spend on your character. These will increase various traits your character will find useful in battle. Toggle over traits to view their effect, then once you've selected the ones you'd like to improve, click "Save".

Legends: Rise of a Hero

  • When in your Home world, your castle (and various other buildings you may build later) will allow you to collect Gold in certain time increments. Don't forget to do this, as it can prove useful later!
  • In the event that you Fail during a quest, you will be given the option to revive for a price, or be returned Home with no Health. You will then have to wait for it to refill, unless you decide to purchase a potion. These can be purchased with Gems, but use them sparingly.
  • Enter through gateways to access new areas! When in a new area, portions you haven't explored will be covered in fog. All you have to do is walk into these new areas for the fog to lift and you to be able to see what's there. The fog will not return.

Tips and Tricks

  • Whenever you start your game, it's a good idea to immediately collect any available Gold from your Home realm, to immediately set the recharge clocks ticking again.
  • In the event that you find yourself with little to no energy or health left, keep in mind that small common enemies, such as Rabid Hares, may drop health and energy when slain. This is an easy way to regenerate these meters without high risk of running out of health again, or having to wait too long for the meter to recharge. Once all the small enemies of an area are depleted, simply exit back to Home, slay the enemies there, and then return to the previous area. This will often cause the enemies to spawn again, and thus you can slowly "farm" health and energy if you'd rather not sit and wait. You can also acquire additional item drops while doing this, which may prove useful later.
  • Potions may be purchased to refill health or energy, but they are often costly and require Gems, so purchase them sparingly.
  • When fighting an enemy, you can deal additional damage by clicking multiple times on the enemy in quick succession. This will cause the ring around your character's feet to fill up. Once it's completely filled, your character will deal an additional, especially damaging attack at the cost of 1 energy. This can be done as many times as you like, but keep in mind it does cost energy.
  • Once you've built a Tavern, you can click on it to "party". What this really does is opens a menu, where you can use Loyalty or Gems you've collected from completing quests to hire additional mercenaries to join you on quests for a limited time. They have their own health, classes, and special stats. You can view them before hiring them. It's an especially good idea to use this to your advantage when you find yourself trying to progress through an area heavy with enemies. Make sure you use them to their full potential before they disappear!
  • It's a good idea to always slay any small, common enemies that might be around to gain additional item drops without fear of losing health.
  • Whenever possible, always search objects in an area (i.e. torches, fire pits, water barrels, bushes, etc). These often have useful items that aren't always easy to find.
  • When you've got energy to spare, it's a good idea to mine any extra Rocks or Trees around. You might need the materials later.
  • Use your acquired Skill Points wisely. Once spent, it will cost a respectable number of Gems to reset the stats. If you're not sure what to spend them on, you can save them for later. In this case, it's a good idea to go into battle and see in what areas your character is lacking, so you can focus on improving those.
  • You can fast travel to any locations you have previously visited via the Map. In this way, you can minimize your running through various arches, entrances, and portals.



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