Mafia Wars 2 Guide: Crafting

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Mafia Wars 2

Unlock the Crafting Workshop and parts Factory by completing certain story line missions. Crafting is a very power ful game feature in Mafia Wars 2 if you can manipulate it to your own advantage. Refer here to learn how to craft game items and even upgrade weapons and armors!

Mafia Wars 2 Crafting

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Crafting Guide


  • Crafting Workshop: Building for crafting game items.
  • Unlocks after completing craft related missions.
  • Basic item requirements for crafting: Crafting Items and Products.
  • Other item requirements for crafting: Power-ups, Gears and Social Items like Steel Bars.
  • Crafting Items: Collect from parts Factory Buildings, random drops from the Arena or ask them friends.
  • Products: Collect from production Buildings or missions.
  • Social Items: Ask them from friends.
  • Time: Crafting requires time. Time length depends per item.
  • Crafting multiple game items can be done as long that you have the required set of items.

Upgrading Game Items

Mafia Wars 2 Crafting

  • Upgrade your buildings to increase it's level and crafting features!
  • Some missions will require you to craft certain items. Upgrade your workshop to complete these crafting related missions.
  • Refer here: Mafia Wars 2 Guide: How to Upgrade Buildings >>

After upgrading your workshop, check some options that you might want to exploit to gain higher stats ghrough crafting. Chect the sample pic above and expalnations below.

Example Item/Gear/Power-ups Upgrades

Mafia Wars 2 Crafting

The below examples are totally optional, They only serve to get the idea of crafting.

  • Your Compact Revolver Weapon to Handgun B32(Level 1 Workshop), then upgrading it again to a Silenced B32 weapon (Level 1 Workshop). Notice that the weapons are on the list along with the other requirements.
  • +30 Energy Pack from Level 1 Workshop to +60 Energy Pack.
  • Hardened Skin I from your inventory to Hardened Skin II (Level 2 Workshop).
  • Now you will have a +12 Defense from Hardened Skin II.

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