Mafia Wars 2 Fight Guide: How to Defeat Your Opponent and Win the Fight

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Mafia Wars 2

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In Mafia Wars 2, there are areas for the gamers to fight in. The rivals and the bosses are not always easy to defeat. Losing a fight often costs you something. If you want to defeat your opponents in Mafia Wars 2, just check this.

Mafia Wars 2 Fight Guide

Fithting Rivals in Mafia Wars 2

You can encounter lots of Rivals by entering arenas like the Bone Yard. 

NPC enemies can be encountered all over Sin City

How to choose your Opponents in Mafia Wars 2

Choosing a right opponent is the most important in fight. If you choose to fight against strong enemies, whatever you do you will lose the fight. So how to choose a right opponent?

The bones on Portraits

The bones that you can see on your opponent's portrait will help you identify them form your other opponents.

1 Bone: This player recently have a below adverage number of win streak. 

2 Bones: This player recently have an average number of win streak.

kull n Bones: This player recently have a good number of win streak. 

Likely, the weakest will be a lower leveled player than you with 1 bone on their portrait. 

Likely, the strongest will be a higher leveled player than you with a skil in their portrait. 

Refresh the game to spawn more targets in the Arena!

When you are in a place around Sin City, all NPC's level are not visible. 

You have to point your mouse cursor over your target to reveal their levels. 

All non-boss NPC enemies will have 1 bone on their portrait.

Battle Outcomes

Since you will wlawys be the first hitter, you will have a great advantage

Results will be greatly dependent to your character's gears, stats, current level or health and power ups!

When you win a fight and wanna rob the guy's turf, click on their portrait and select "Rob", Click on a rival's portrait to visit their territory, Before you can rob them though, you have to defeat them in their territory.

Losing Fights

Losing fights drains health and you can't fight if you run outGain health by winning fights or replenishing with the plus button next to the heart icaon.

At the Arena, If you lose a fight, your opponent will run away!




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