Mafia Wars 2 Guide: How to Level Up

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Mafia Wars 2

In reality, one must know how to level up in Mafia Wars 2. Don't be afraid to experience new things within the game. You may find yourself falling down once but you will always stand up twice.

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How do you level up?

In order for ones Mafia Wars 2 character level to increase, experience must be obtained. There are so many actions in which, Mafia Wars 2 experience points can be obtained in the game and level up. Let's take a close look at each type.

Mafia Wars 2 Level Up

The Method to Gain Experience

Fighting and more fighting

  • Initiating combat with Mafia Wars 2 Rivals
  • Initiating combat with non player characters in the game
  • Performing hits and defeating opponents rewards players with experience and loot.

Robbing Your Rivals

  • Robbing your Mafia Wars 2 rivals also rewards you not only loot but cash and experience
  • Robbing non player characters and buildings also rewards you with cash and experience and a chance to loot some items.

Completing Missions

  • Completing missions will always reward players with experience and loot
  • Missions however, require huge amount's of energy but most of the time pay off well with experience

Collecting Resources

  • Collecting cash from your workers also gives experience
  • Collecting products from your buildings also gives experience
  • Collecting from workers and buildings on your neighbors will also reward you with experience, keep in mind that it is however, limited.

Mafia Wars 2 Update Buildings

Performing actions on some NPC buildings and characters

All these actions reward Mafia Wars 2 characters with cash, experience, the chance to loot collection items or gear.

  • Gambling on Casinos
  • Talking to some selected people in the game
  • Eating on restaurants, fast food trucks
  • Visiting souvenir shops
  • Shop on stores
  • Searching selected homes
  • Looting on trashcans, mailboxes, dumpsters
  • Calling on payphones
  • Here's a favorite "Peeing on fountains"
  • Vandalizing vehicles, buildings
  • Swimming on pools
  • Hanging out on some places

Note: That sums about everything on how to level up in Mafia Wars 2, remember that experience gained is key in order to level up.

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