Mafia Wars 2 Guide: How to Spot Your Rival's Level

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Mafia Wars 2

Know Your Enemy

Let's now get to basics on How To Spot Your Rival's Level inMafia Wars 2. The simple idea could save your Mafia Wars 2 Character life.

The ways to determine your opponent's level

There are a few ways to spot your Mafia Wars 2 Rival level, although not nearly as detailed in comparison to your own level, it's still important to have a general idea on who your dealing with.

Rivals That Can Be Found On:

  • Your Home Turf
  • Your Rival's Turf
  • Your Crews Turf
  • The Fight Arena

Mafia Wars 2

Your rivals will always be colored Red or Black and are passive, meaning they won't attack unless provoked. Studying the image you can notice:

  • Yellow Thunderbolt and a Numerical Value – This means the energy needed on each attack made on the rival
  • Below shows the Rival's name
  • Bones and Color – The level of difficulty, click Mafia Wars 2 Bones and Crossbones for more information
  • A Facebook primary photo of your rival
  • Star with a Numerical value inside – This is your Mafia Wars 2 Rival Level

On The Rival Menu Tab

Click on the Mafia Wars 2 Rivals tab to access the list of players who went offensive or people you previously attacked.

  • The above text is your Mafia Wars 2 Rivals Name
  • An image on this Facebook primary photo
  • A shield sign with no importance
  • Star with numerical value – This is your Mafia Wars 2 Rival's Level

How to access rivals menu?

  1. Click on the silver skull icon.
  2. It should open up a tab more like your crew menu, except for a few details.
  3. Click on recent for a list of rivals who just newly visited your turf or rivals you attacked on arena's.
  4. Clicking on marked, gives you access to rivals you have paid attention to, or simply remembered to be able to get some payback.
  5. Click on rival portraits, this will open a menu on the different actions you can perform.
  6. Click mark if you want to remember them.

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