Mafia Wars 2 Tips & Tricks: Winning Fights Easily

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Mafia Wars 2

Are you want to win more fights and beat up more people who rob you? Are you to make Mafia Wars 2 much easier to win fights? Lucklily, use this little cheat. It will show your how to do it. Let's check out below...

Mafia Wars 2

To make it much easier to win fights, use this little cheat

First, you need to be somewhere besides the Boneyard (or any other fighting arena) – your home turf will do for this one.

Second, go to your inventory and UNEQUIP your weapons and armor (and your vehicles if you have any). When you go to the Boneyard youropponents will be randomly generated based on your attack and defense, so doing this will cause the random computer generator to fill up the Boneyard with weaker opponents.

Last, after the opponents generate, go back to yourinventory and re-equip your strongest weapons, armor, and (if applicable) vehicles again. The weak people who randomly generated will still be there, so now simply beat up every single person you see there. This is a great way to jack up your win-loss record in fights and to load up on Bone Tokens.

If you want to win more fights and beat up more people who rob you

First, get to level 12 as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished quickly by using up your entire energy bar on some menial task at Granite Square, such as kicking a vintage light post or robbing a series of buildings over and over. You'll earn experience and money very quickly this way.

Once you are at level 12, you can then buy your first vehicle at the Neon Strip, which is the low rider bike, which you don't need any kind of garage to buy. It costs 8800 coins, so save that up. Equipping that will increase your attack, defense and stealth by 13, 15, and 6, respectively, so you will have a huge leg up on almost every fighter that you encounter, even higher level fighters.

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