Mafia Wars 2 Tips: Level Up Quickly for New Cities

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Mafia Wars 2

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The level in the Mafia Wars 2 is quite important. How to level up quickly and go to new cities? In Mafia Wars 2, the level is a limit for you to go to other cities, New York (or Manhattan), Las Vegas (level 18+), Italy (level 6+), Cuba (level 35+), Moscow (level 70+), Bangkok, and Atlantic City. If you level up quickly, you can reach other cities early, here are some tips for quick level up in Mafia Wars 2.

Mafia Wars 2

Tip 1 for quick level up

Choose to play either as fearless, which provides more stamina to fight, or maniac, which gives you more energy to do jobs. You level up by gaining experience points, and both of these offer the most opportunity to do so.

Tip 2 for quick level up

Set a time every day to play the game. That way you will be consistent with your energy and stamina bars filled up to the maximum.

Tip 3 for quick level up

Get a friend who also plays the game. Connect at different times of the day and send energy packs to each other on a daily basis. This way you will maximize your energy.

Tip 4 for quick level up

Schedule your time so that you will be able to deplete your energy bar, level up and use your daily energy pack. If you time it right, you might be able to enhance your character by three levels or more in one day.

Tip 5 for quick level up

Don't be afraid to fight. Add stamina points and pick fights often. Fights are a great source of experience. Your stamina and energy recharge together, so it always is a good idea to deplete both every time you can.

Tip 6 for quick level up

Get buddies to put you as "Mastermind" on their mafias. Also do the same for them and you will gain more experience from jobs and level up faster.

Tip 7 for quick level up

Recruit for your mafia so that you can pick fights with larger mafias and get more experience.


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