Mafia Wars 2 Trick: How to Stop Being Robbed

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Mafia Wars 2

If you want to stop yourself from getting robbed in Mafia Wars 2, or at least from constantly losing supplies and cash in robberies, there's a simple trick you can remember.

When someone robs your buildings or your workers, they can only rob buildings or workers that are ready to be collected from. To make your turf less attractive for robbing, have your workers do very long jobs (such as female entertainer) whenever you're about to go offline for awhile, so they're stuck mid job and are unable to be robbed for awhile (buildings and workers can only be robbed if they are ready for collection).

If someone damages your casino, grow house or any other building that doesn't earn much money, you can simply let it stay damaged without any negative effect to your home turf (except for, of course, not collecting money and product) and it will provide an unattractive robbery target, making repeat robbers less likely to rob you again.

If you're sick of getting robbed and then losing the battle to the people that rob you, remember that unlike when you rob them, if they rob you and you fight them, you can restore your life points mid-fight using only cash. Simply click on the plus sign next to the hearts and the second option will be to revive your character using only cash. Using this trick, you should have no excuse to ever lose a fight to anyone who robs you, unless you're completely out of money, and then, you have bigger problems than just getting robbed.

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