Mafia Wars 2 Guide: How to Get More Workers and Crew

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Mafia Wars 2

How to Get More Workers

To get more workers in Mafia Wars 2, you can either completemissions, pay in gold, or have more neighborsthat you can hire as your workers. The more workers you get, the more money you can make as you can assign them to jobs, but don't forget to collect from them soon after they finish their jobs, because the longer theygo ignored, the higher the chances that you'll get robbed by another player and have your workers attacked, which will interrupt their job.

How to Get More Crew

To get more crew in Mafia Wars 2, invite your friends to play the game. If you don't want to bug all of your friends, you should invite the ones who play other Zynga games, such as CityVille, FarmVille, or especially the first Mafia Wars, or another crime-themed game such as CrimeCity. The more crew you have, the more efficiently you can rob others and the more protected you are from being robbed.

How to Change the Appearance

To change the appearance of your character in Mafia Wars 2, go to your inventory menu and equip differentclothes and hair. You start off with a number of clothing items to choose from, as well as different hairstyles, but you can also buy other clothing items later on.

How to Equip a Defferent Set of Weapons

To equip a different set of weapons in Mafia Wars 2, go to your inventory menu and equip weapons, armor, or vehicles that reflect what traits you want to improve (punch, critical, speed). When you buy new weapons, you will automatically equip the new one you bought, so make sure that you have every trait optimized, so if you want to go back and equip a weapon that increases defense more or a piece of armor that increases offense more, go and do that.

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