Mafia Wars 2 Tips: Character Equipments

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Mafia Wars 2


Click on your character's portrait located at the upper left corner of your game screen to  customize and equip your character with Weapons, Armors, Vehicles and Wardrobe in Mafia Wars 2.


  • Light: Tutorial
  • Heavy: Unlocks at Lvl 23
  • Special: Unlocks at Lvl 39


  • Upper Tutorial
  • Lower Body: Unlocks at Lvl 18
  • Head: Unlocks at Lvl 35


  • Ground: Unlocks at Lvl 12
  • Water: Unlocks at Lvl 30
  • Air: Unlocks at Lvl 50


  • Top, Bottom, Head, Accessories and Full Body Wardrobes.
  • Wardobes doesn't have any added stats. They serve as fashion items.
  • Always make sure you have your best armor, weapons and vehicle equipped before you fight! It will give you a huge advantage over your enemies.
  • Don't forget to upgrade your ships to be able to purchase unlocked equipments!
  • Alternatively, you can also equip or unequip gears from your inventory window. Located in the lower right corner of your game screen.

Cool Gears!

  • Buy them from various shop or Arena (token) shops in each location (refer above pic).
  • You can also get some pretty mean gears throug crafting!

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