Maplestory Adventures Guide: Bosses

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MapleStory Adventures

Each area of Maplestory Adventures (an area is usually comprised of 5-7 maps) contains one boss. These bosses are more difficult to kill but also give higher rewards than normal monsters.

Monster:King Slime

Level 11
Exp 510
Location: King Slime Area
Revive Time: 2 Hours
Item Drops:
Henesys Mystery Box
Henesys Treasure Box

Monster:Tree Rod

Level 28
Exp 1020
Location: Tree Rod Area

Item Drops:
Ellinia Mystery Box
Ellinia Treasure Box


Level 23
Exp 870
Location:Stumpy Area

Item Drops:
Perion Mystery Box
Perion Treasure Box

Monster: Black Knight

Level 19
Exp 750
Black Knight Area
Item Drops:
Kerning City Mystery Box
Kerning City Treasure Box

What rewards to monsters drop?

Monsters drop mesos, special boss collection items and have almost 100% drop rate for a mystery box and a treasure box.

How often do bosses respawn?

Bosses respawn every few hours. When a boss dies a grave marker will appear – waving your mouse over this will tell you how long you’ll have to wait to kill that boss again.

Via Unofficial Maplestory Adventures Site

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