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MapleStory Adventures

Energy is the single most important thing in the game when it comes to levelling, earning and generally making your character better.

MapleStory Adventures Energy

You begin the game with a max energy bar of 80 points. Each time you level, this maximum energy increases by 2 points. There are two ways to lose energy:

  • Fighting monsters – every time you hit a monster you will lose one energy.
  • Being hit by a monster – if you’re too close to the monster and it attacks you, you can lose an energy point.

Energy refreshes at a rate of five energy every five minutes until your energy bar is full. You cannot have more energy than the maximum allowed by your energy bar.

Every time you gain a new level, your energy bar completely refills.

There are two main types of energy that you can use to level. Your energy from your personal energy bar, and energy provided by your friends, up to 30 points a day, when you ask them to help you.

How to Regain Energy

There are several ways to get energy back when you run out:

  1. Level up – this gives you a full bar.
  2. By using food items – depending on the food you can gain as little as 5 points or hundreds.
  3. Completing a collection – some collections give energy.
  4. Hiring a friend – up to 15 points per day + 5 bonus to yourself when you hire them.
  5. Returning hire from a friend – up to 15 points per day.

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