MapleStory Adventures Guide: How to Tame Monsters to Become Pets

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MapleStory Adventures

Taming monsters in MapleStory Adventures will gain you free Pets and can be achieved by hunting monsters. Boss and regular monsters can be tamed by defeating them multiple times, depending on the requirements from your Monster Book.

MapleStory Adventures

Monster Mastery System

  • A Monster Book has been added to track all your monster encounters.
  • To browse your Monster Book, go to your Collection Icon.
  • Each time you defeat a monster, the mastery level meter for that monster fills up.
  • Boss and regular monsters have their own set of mastery levels.

Boss Monsters with Number of Kills

  • To Register: 1/1
  • Level 1: 4/4
  • Level 2: 10/10
  • Level 3: 15/15
  • Level 4: 20/20
  • To Tame: 25/25
  • Total Kills: 100

Regular Monsters with Number of Kills

  • To Register: 1/1
  • Level 1: 99/99
  • Level 2: 900/900
  • Level 3: 2,000/2,000
  • Level 4: 3,000/3,000
  • Level 5: 4,000/4,000
  • To Tame: 5,000/5,000
  • Total Kills: 15,000
  • When the mastery level increases, more information about the monster is revealed. Level, Mastery, Slain, Location and Collection for the monster will be revealed.

MapleStory Adventures

  • Once a monster has been slain enough times, it becomes tame and can be equipped like a Pet. Tamed monsters doesn't have any skills at the moment.

MapleStory Adventures

Taming Monsters Tips and Info

  • The easiest way to get a free pet is by hunting King Slimes.
  • Go to Henesys then King Slime Area to hunt King Slimes every after 2 hours.
  • Since Boss monsters have a lower kill requirements per level than the regular ones, King Slimes are very ideal to become pets!
  • You might as well want to get some regular monsters as pets, but which ones?
  • Since the number of kills per level is too high, it is better to tame monsters from your
    favorite leveling areas.

Sample Leveling Areas: Areas that gives Energy Items from Collections

  • Kerning City - Subway Line 2 - Reinforced Iron Mutae
  • Perion - Relic Excavation Camp II - Cactus
  • Ellinia - Magic Fairy Area - Fairy

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