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MapleStory Adventures

MapleStory Adventures is played on a simplified version of Maple World. Areas in MapleStory Adventures that correspond to those in the original MapleStory game include Henesys, Ellinia, Perion and Kerning City.

World Map







  • NPC - Chief Stan
  • NPC - Pet Manager
  • NPC - Yullete
  • NPC - Alberich the Enchanter
  • NPC - Andre
  • NPC - Lenario

The Road to Henesys

  • NPC - Bruce
  • Lv 3 - Orange Mushroom

Thicket Around Henesys

  • NPC - Jay
  • Lv 5 - Slime

King Slime Area

  • NPC - Mrs. Ming Ming
  • Lv 7 - Golden Slime
  • Lv 11 - King Slime (BOSS)

The Hill West of Henesys

  • NPC - Camilia
  • Lv 9 - Red Slime

The Hill West of Henesys

  • NPC - Maya
  • Lv 10 - Stump

Wise Man on the Peak

  • NPC - Alcaster
  • Lv 35 - Firebrand
Note: When you first start Maplestory Adventures, you will not have access to some features, such as your skills or the world map, until you get to Henesys.

Kerning City

Kerning City

  • NPC - Shumi
  • NPC - Wang

The Road South of Kerning City

  • NPC - Jane Doe
  • Lv 11 - Jr Wraith

The Road South of Kerning City

  • NPC - Witch Malady
  • Lv 12 - Wraith

Black Knight Area

  • Lv 13 - Shade
  • Lv 15 - Black Knight BOSS)

The Road North of Kerning City

  • NPC - Dirty Bum
  • Lv 14 - Pale Ghost

The Road North of Kerning City

  • NPC - Tulcus
  • Lv 15 - Faint Ghost

How To Get To henesys?

  1. First you will fight Yellow Ribbon Pigs at Yellow Ribbon Pig Park.
  2. After completing the quest in this area you will then move to Inside the Small Forest and defeat Blue Snails there.
  3. After completing the quest, move on to Right Outside Henesys. In this location you must complete the Red Snail quest.
  4. Finally, you will move on to Mossy Mushy Hill where you will have to defeat Snails and a Mossy Snail.

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