MapleStory Adventures Review

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MapleStory Adventures

By Alicia Ashby From Gamezebo

MapleStory Adventures is a Facebook spinoff of the hit free-to-play MMO MapleStory, using a similar visual style. The main difference is that MapleStory Adventures is more of a straight single-player RPG on Facebook, using social elements in place of true multiplayer elements. The game launches festooned with traditional MMORPG elements like crafting, pets, and quests available in tweaked, Facebook-friendly form. The depth of content is almost unprecedented in Facebook gaming and sure to keep players clicking away at monsters for ages.

MapleStory Adventures

You can opt to play MapleStory Adventures as a warrior or wizard. While choice of class is of paramount importance in a traditional MMO, in MapleStory Adventures it amounts to a flavor pick. Basic gameplay for both classes is essentially identical, with only slightly different skills separating them. Unlike most MMOs, they even can equip many of the same items and fulfill the same quests in basically the same way. This may be disappointing to MMO purists, but then again, MapleStory Adventures clearly doesn’t want people using alt-characters.

MapleStory Adventures

MapleStory Adventures is a surprisingly enjoyable game, despite being rather repetitive. Much of the combat gameplay is just roving from area to area, slaying monsters for a while before moving on. The presence of additional game mechanics to explore like crafting adds variety to the basic flow of the game. The game’s sprite-based graphics are also attractive and lend a certain charm, as well as the satisfaction of making your avatar look better and better as you gain levels. MapleStory Adventures has a lot to offer any fan of Facebook RPGs.

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