Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Basic Guide

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

This guide is designed to help new players who are interested in participating in PvP in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Experienced players will probably find no useful information here, and it is primarily here to help free players succeed at PvP.

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Each class (excluding Generalist) provides a bonus against another class, and has a counter class also. This is akin to rock-paper-scissors - Blasters beat Bruisers who beat Scrappers who beat Infiltrators who beat Tacticians who beat Blasters.

Below is a list of classes, their bonus and a pictorial of the current line-up.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Guide

Gain a bonus turn after attacking Blasters


Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Guide

All hits against Bruisers are critical hits and ignore defense


Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Guide

Gain enraged when attacking or attacked by scrappers (extra damage per enraged max of 2)


Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Guide

Performs a free follow up attack when attacking Infiltrators


Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Guide

Gains combat awareness when attacking tacticians (improves odds of counter attacking)

Who Do you Choose to Add to your PvP Party?

Besides your main toon, you have two slots to fill with your super powered friends. Below list the free toons that you receive. The top row are the freebies all players get, and the bottom row is a list of heroes from the end of Chapter 1. You will get to pick one of these bottom rowers for free, and from then on you must pay for any new recruits.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance PvP Guide

Your team will consist of two of these heroes as will about 90% of your enemies PvP team.

You will get a free hero at the end of Chapter 1, to help maximize your ability in PvP take a look at the above picture.

Notice Bruisers and Scrappers only have 1 each. If you choose Iron Fist the only free hero that gets a bonus against you is She-Hulk, but you get a bonus against two potential heroes, Black Widow and Invisible Woman.

She-Hulk makes for a weaker team as you have both Iron Man and Ms Marvel critting on her like crazy, and choosing Ms Marvel for your team means only having one potential target to gain a bonus against.

Blasters in general are weaker in PvP as their primary target is Bruisers, which there are only 5 and 2 of them cost 130 cp. Even so Iron Man is a power house (and on many teams) so having a Tactician on Board like Hawk Eye can help neutralize Mr Stark.

Two available options, Scrapper or Tactician. As a scrapper you only have to worry about She-Hulk in a line up, and as a Tactician you can smack around Iron Man.

Option 1

Your agent as a Scrapper, Iron Fist and Hawk Eye

Option 2

Your agent as a Tactician, Iron Fist and Black Widow

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