Marvel Avengers Alliance: Best PvP Combos Guide For PvP Season 10

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Compete in PvP Season 10 to win Emerald Prism, Tactician's Aegis Armor, and a new Bruiser hero, Bishop! This guide is designed to help you in Marvel: Avengers Alliance: PvP Season 10, and list best PvP Combos for you.

1. Tactician Agent w/ Rocket Pistol, Custom Sword of the Barony, Ironstar, Kuzuri + X-23 + Infiltrator Swashbuckler Nightcrawler
Explanation: This is a team built around Hemorrhage. Shadow Dance + Rocket Pistol + Ironstar + Blades of Rage already deals a lot of damage. If anyone gets Trigger Scent and it proccs, Laura's next Blades of Rage will be the last.

2. Tactician Agent w/ Binding Contract, Sudden Support, The Exsanguinator, Kuzuri + Brown-and-Tan Infiltrator Wolverine + Scrapper Claws Black Cat
Explanation: This is a team built around Bleeding. The thing here is simple: Feral Ambush any protectors, Unlucky Strike any Infiltrators, if there aren't any, simply Cat Scratch, Binding Contract on any Blaster and on the third foe. On the second turn, Berserker Frenzy, Exsanguinator and Nerve Chop for the win. If there aren't Blasters, Binding Contract again on the second turn and by the time you reach the third, 3v1 is still an easy scenario.

3. Tactician Agent w/ Heroic Call, Stark Industries Isotope Cannon, Sudden Support, Maggia Triggerman+ Angel + Bruiser WWII Cap
Explanation: This is a team built around Stats manipulating. If you manage to get extra turns from the Tactician passive, use the Heroic Call + Iso Cannon. Next turn, Iso Cannon two times. Then, when the extra turn from Angel comes, SS + Magia for the sweep.

4. Infiltrator Agent w/ Phoenix Flare, Power of Four, Mechanical Mjolnir, Sudden Support + Blaster Iron Patriot War Machine + Tactician Phoenix Five Emma Frost
Explanation: This is a team built around AoE. Right off the bat, activate PO4 and suicide your Agent with 2x Mecha. Mjolnir, SS and PF. Then, if needed, Overcharge WM and 21 salute gun all the way. Emma is there to take down any leftovers (since the Agent is going to die and WM is gonna be out of Stamina), Unlock Potential depending on the turn order, burn some enemy HP, mitigate damage and maybe some lucky Cosmic Power proccs.

5. Tactician Agent w/ Circuit Breaker, Sparkplugger, Hoarfrost Mace, Custom Fistborne Defibrillator + Valkyrie + Blaster Classic Storm
Explanation: This is a team built around Static Charges. Fistborne Defibrillator, while having a low chance to Stun, proccs those Charges, dealing AoE damage after setting them up on the first turn, and Circuit Breaker will make one or two enemies deal less damage. By the time the Agent dies, Flight of the Valkyrie + Tornado is a sure kill. Circuit Breaker + Sparkplugger, if done after Blizzard, is an effective way to take down an unguarded Blaster.

6. Blaster Agent w/ Custom Goblin Glider, Marksman's Spotter, Damage Amplifier, Arc Reactor Charge + Tactician Grey Suit Black Widow + P5 Bruiser Colossus
Explanation: This is a team built around hard countering the enemy team. On the first turn, any Bruisers and Blasters are gonna go to sleep. This makes Colossus immovable, while his passive makes Black Widow's Stamina last longer, so she can jump on people to death turn after turn.

7. Generalist Agent w/ Barrowguard, Shepherd Staff, Odin's Cane, Hoarfrost Mace + Angel + Blaster White Crown Phoenix
Explanation: This is a team built around surviving. With Barrowguard and Benediction, Phoenix will be able to refresh the cooldown on Phoenix Fire as many times as she wants. The thing is that the win would take too long to come, but I would rage quit if I attacked something like that.

8. Bruiser Agent w/ Blade of the Guardian, Sonic Fist, Digital Decoy, Hex Wand + Daemon Hellstrom + Fantomex
Explanation: This is a team built around making the enemy miss. Seismic Feedback alone can sweep, since its damage scales with Enrage, but on top of that Fantomex has a really nice AoE damage. Simply take your time, the enemy won't be able to hurt you.

9. Tactician Agent w/ Kuzuri, Second Amendment, Lasercutter, Disruption Field Array + Captain Britain + Infiltrator Swashbuckler Nightcrawler
Explanation: This is a team built around Paragon Exploit. Forget about Smashing, this is all about Brittanic. Shadow Dance + Second Amendment + Dark Sigil = 4 debuffs being exploited with increased stats, two times by turn, Sure Crits and Deadly Crits. Should I say more?

10. Infiltrator Agent w/ Chain Tonfa, The Knight, Shepherd Staff, Specimen Scanner + Magik + Satana
Explanation: This is a team built around DOT. The three magic DOTs with Bane, Bleeding with Ravage, Radiaton... This means heavy damage per turn. But one angolob is all it takes to make the fight severely bad for you. And it is overused so yeah.

11. Tactician Agent w/ Custom Only for Killing, Coulson's Revenge, Shepherd Staff, The Knight + Omega Sentinel + Psylocke
Explanation: This is a team built around Follow-ups. Omega Sentinel has, with this composition, the possibility to have 6 (!) actions to procc Follow-ups either from Mental Coordination or Coordinated Attack. I got really mad when this happened to me. The game plays itself, winning for you.

12. Tactician Agent w/ Enigma .45, The Toolbox, Magnetic Field Generator, Scroll of Ozirochi + Omega Sentinel + Thundra
Explanation: This is a team built around Finest Hour. Omega Sentinel can use Finest Hour too, I know, but Thundra's is much stronger, which just makes them good partners. What you do is Ozirochi + Enigma + Toolbox, then HE Targeting Laser + Plasma Torch, Neural Disruptors + Defense Array and Perfect Storm the shizz out of them. You can count, you will have 5 buff on Finest Hour AND 3 debuffs to Exploit, while having almost sure Crits. You can use QJ instead of MFG for the next turn, but MFG is a buff that benefits Finest Hour too.

13. Tactician Agent w/ Shepherd Staff, Coulson's Revenge, Techno-Organic Endoskeleton, Hoarfrost Mace + Juggernaut + Blue Costume Scrapper Quicksilver
Explanation: This is a team built around Combo Setup. Juggernaut simply screams to be paired with QS. After Momentum Generator and Surge of Cyttorak, Pietro will take down enemy by enemy. Coordinated Attack makes it possible to Juggernaut to be usefull again, since QS has two actions per turn, there is a higher chance of stacking Momentum to, well, be the Juggernaut. Also a high Stun chance on the team.

14. Bruiser Agent w/ Mahayuga, Hotshot, Hard Nox, Signpost + Magneto + Rescue
Explanation: This is a team built around Magnetize. There is no protector with a Preemptive Counter, so Rescue serves the purpose of Magnetizing. Her shield with Magneto's won't stack tho, so be careful with that. That said, the team gets really hard to take down, and the Counters are gonna make the enemy think twice before attacking. The only thing here is I think that Rescue will screw with the Dark Bargains. If it takes out the Poisoned, tho, it is fine.

15. Tactician Agent w/ Hotshot, Spirit Edge, Signpost, The Experiment + Red Hulk + Magik
Explanation: This is a team built around Stamina draining. With Signpost, Deathfrost and Spirit Edge their Stamina will go down fast, making opposing heroes lose turns to Recharge. Couple that with a (potentially) Quick Action AoE Stun with Hotshot and this will make them virtually not play. To deal damage, there are many debuffs burning them, and Red Hulk can sweep once he is in 70% heat.

16. Bruiser Agent w/ Hoarfrost Mace, Reboot, Shepherd Staff, Ironstar + Emma Frost + Shatterstar
Explanation: This is a team built around Stealthy AoE. Ironstar + Gladiatorial Carnage + Unlock Potential + Quantum Jumper will give Shatterstar three turns with huge stats, High Crits and Ignore Defense. Maybe even one stack of Pain. Just sweep one by one on the second turn. Even better if the Agent dies.

17. Scrapper Agent w/ Warbringer Axe, Advanced Idea, Sinister Scepter, Transcranial Stimulator + Infiltrator Shadowcat Kitty Pride + Vision
Explanation: This is a team built around Phased. For two turns, the opponent can't touch any of your characters. When the Phaseds are about to worn out, coupled with WBA and Advanced Idea you will do a huge spike damage, making the match severely in your favor.

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