Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tips: Characters Hero List

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is the latest facebook social game created by Playdom. Below is a list of Marvel: Avengers Alliance characters that you can use in game. More information will be added about each of the superheroes, so keep attention!

Character Name Unlock or Command Points Cost Class
Iron Man After Introduction Blaster
Black Cat Infiltrator
Black Widow Infiltrator
Captain America 130 Tactician
Colossus 25 Bruiser
Cyclops 15 Tactician
Daredevil 85 Scrapper
Dr. Strange 25
Hulk 130 Bruiser
Human Torch 40 Blaster
Invisible Woman 15 Infiltrator
Iron Fist 15 Scrapper
Kitty Pryde 40 Infiltrator
Luke Cage 25 Scrapper
Mr. Fantastic 40 Tactician
Ms. Marvel 15 Blaster
Nightcrawler 65 Infiltrator
Phoenix 65 Blaster
She-Hulk 15 Bruiser
SIF 25 Scrapper
Spider-Man 130 Infiltrator
Spider-Woman 40 Scrapper
Storm 65 Blaster
Thing 40 Bruiser
Thor 130 Bruiser
War Machine 65 Tactician
Wolverine 130 Scrapper



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