Marvel: Avengers Alliance: How to Defeat Spec Ops 15 Group Boss Arcade

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This post will give you the different class passives of the spec ops 15 group boss Acrade, and these will help you to defeat Acrade.


Bruiser Arcade

Bruiser Arcade main class passive is Star Power. You need to use heroes that don't use energy attacks. Actually almost every blaster uses energy attack. Not using any blaster against the bruiser Arcade, unless you have Cable and Dr Voodoo or good alternates like Blaster Cylcops, Blaster HA Hawkeye, Blaster Modern Thor.

Blaster Arcade

Hand Buzzer is the class passive of Blaster Arcade. You need to use heroes that don't use melee attacks. There are a lot of tactician that use ranged attacks. Up to you then. But don't forget to give your agent a ranged weapon too.

Tactician Arcade

The Cake Is A Lie is the class passive of Tactician Arcade. You can't heal and buff your team for 2 turns.
All you have to do is spaming Arcade with all the debuffs you can, and if you have heroes that need 4 turns of buff to unleash their power, forget about them against the Tactician Arcade. Exploit bleeding could be a good way of fighting him in this case.  You can use Elektra / Sabretooth / Wolverine / X-23.

Infiltrator Arcade

Class passive of Infiltrator Arcade is Game Master. You need to use heroes that don't use melee attacks again.
It's difficult cause almost every scrapper is a melee attacker. Forget about Iron Fist, Quicksilver, Sabretooth and Wolverine. You can use Deadpool (without L1) or give a try to Magik (only L2 and L6). But I think you'll have tu use another hero class against Infiltrator Arcade. Blaster may be a good one.

Scrapper Arcade

Reroll is the passive of Scrapper Arcade. Needless to say that your bruiser advantage is gone. Then you can choose your favourite hero for causing great damages, avoiding the infiltrators of course.

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