Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: Hero Deployment and Boss Roulette Reward

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You can get many of the powerful gears and Marvel: Avengers Alliance rewards through the drops at hero deployments as well as the final roulette drawing of boss defeats. These weapons are considered as epic weapon rewards in the game. These special Marvel: Avengers Alliance rewards typically have special abilities and bonuses associated with them.

This guide will help you understand how these drop systems work, as well as offer a list of late level boss roulette drop rewards and hero deployment rewards that you can get in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

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About Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero deployment

In every scenario, you will be able to deploy a specific Marvel Avengers hero on these hidden missions. Upon completion of these mission, you will be able to get item drop rewards based on your in game agent level.

Check the complete list of in the scene hero deployment list for which heroes that you can send on these in

Rewards are Scaled by Your Agent Level

To be able to receive higher end roulette and hero deployment rewards, you will have to level up your Marvel Avengers Alliance agent further. Higher level agent will have better chance of rewarding you with stronger drops and rewards.

Reward Preset

Your reward is either pre-determined or are weighted heavily toward the more generic items as soon as you start the battle or receive the loots. The bottom line is that you cannot refresh the browser to obtain other loots or predict where the roulette lands. Nor can you predict what reward you will receive from Marvel Avengers Alliance hero on-scene deployment. Your rewards have already been decided beforehand, picking any square will make no difference to the type and strength of roulette or hero deployment rewards that you receive in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Your best bet to get the most reward is always able to send out your heroes on these special solo chapter missions or side quests.

Complete Drop Rewards – The Marvel Avengers Alliance Weapon Drops

This list contains the listing of all the Marvel Avengers Alliance hero deployment rewards as well as boss roulette draws. It should be noted that these epic weapons are typically stronger than their regular counterparts, only when you have reached a certain level. This means that the golden weapon’s strengths typically start to show after you hit the critical point, before that point, you may do higher damage with the regular Marvel Avengers Alliance weapons. You will have to test out exactly against your own build and gears to really know what gears are the best for your agent.

It should be noted that you will only be able to obtain 1 of each epic weapons in game, just like you can only obtain 1 gold weapon after completing and mastering each of the chapters with 5 stars.

  • Lv 44~54 = Foley's Heart Tickler
  • Lv 45~55 = Monofilament Blade
  • Lv 48~58 = Mirror Field Generator
  • Lv 49~59 = Quick-Load T'Cha
  • Lv 50~60 = A.R. "Spectre"
  • Lv 52~62 = Svalinn Defender
  • Lv 56~66 = Frank Castle Special
  • Lv 57~67 = Target Painter
  • Lv 58~68 = Vibra-Trumbash
  • Lv 61~71 = Pyro Technique
  • Lv 62~72 = P.E.W. "Stoic"
  • Lv 63~73 = The Ripper
  • Lv 67~77 = Fury Blade
  • Lv 69~79 = Thursday Night Special
  • Lv 71+ = Handheld Iso-8 Scanner
  • Lv 73+ = Vibra Shotel
  • Lv 80+ = "Tenderizer" Shotgun
  • Lv 81+ = Xanthine Alkaloid Injector
  • Lv 84+ = The Perforator
  • Lv 87+ = Adamantium Knuckles
  • Lv 89+ = Energy Fist
  • Lv 90+ = B&F Icebrand
  • Lv 92+ = M616 Combat Shotgun
  • Lv 95+ = A.R. "Spinner"
  • Lv 157~167 = Combat Acceleration Program
  • Lv 163~173 = Knuckle Stinger
  • Lv 165~175 = Damage Amplifier
  • Lv 167~177 = Capacitive Impeder
  • Lv 170~180 = Fistborne Defibrilator
  • Lv 175~185 = Teleological Suspender
  • Lv 180~190 = Battery Powered Hand Cannon
  • Lv 185~195 = P.E.W. "Dingn"
  • Lv 189~199 = P.E.W. "Dingo"
  • Lv 191~201 = Neural Wave Disruptor
  • Lv 195~205 = P.E.W. "Anchor"

Hidden Rewards for Thought – Energy

Because Hero deployment does not consume any energy for your character, thus, by always able to deploy the heroes during the missions and scenes that they are available, you will be able to advance faster due to the extra EXP gain.

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