Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: How to Get ISO-8

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Many Iso-8 derived from playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Sometimes the fall of the enemy in the midst of battle, and sometimes you can get it as a gift ofa building or deploying boss fights. All players have access to Healthy Chip Iso-8 (+31 health) through gifting. This is not thegreatest but it sure beat the empty slot, and can be incorporated into the PVP bonus page if you do not have anything. Most of the Iso-8 you want to come from the store though.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance How to Get ISO-8

Iso-8 in the store is found in the Resources tab. There is a button thatlets you filter by color, so if you know what you are looking for easier to find. It also shows some of the not yet available. Iso-8 which can be bought for gold is always available, while the rest of the stuff that only the cost of silver must be opened with the research. Gold Iso-8 is usually much better. For example, violence Refined Iso-8 Chip gives+9 +9 attack and accuracy, while Iso-8 Strong Chip only give +6 to attack.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance How to Get ISO-8

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