Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: How to Get More Command Points

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Command Points are used for recruiting new Heroes in the Team Management screen. The primary way of obtaining Command Points is Gold, but since not everyone can afford Gold for getting Command Points, here are some ways and strategies on how to get free Command Points.

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: Get More Command Points

Command Points

Basic Ways

  • Every time you defeat a Mission or Epic Boss you will have a chance to get 1, 3, or 5
    Command Points.
  • Getting a 5 Star Mastery per Mission will give you 5 Command Points.
  • Remote Ops rarely gives Command Points too.
  • Critical Hits are the best way to get Command Points. Refer below to learn how.

CP Farming for Newbies

Your main objective is to find critical based weapons, heroes and a specific missions to
farm Command Points. Note that, only 1 CP can be obtained from a single mission.

  • Most players will go for the Katana weapon at early levels for some extra crits.
  • Research "Advanced Blades" to unlock the Katana. Buy it from the Store next.

Level Up Till Lvl 16

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: Get More Command Points

  • and while you are at it, do the below recommendations.
  • Choose Iron Fist (Scrapper Hero) from the free hero choice.
  • Recruit Black Cat (23 CP).
  • Research "Tactical Pistol (S.A. "Skirmish")" to unlock "Machine Pistols (S.A. "Ambush")".

Unlock Secret Epic Boss: Elektra

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: Get More Command Points

  • For more info on how to unlock Epic Bosses.
  • Specific Mission to Take: Chapter 2 - Mission 3 (Step into the Shadows)
  • Deploy Missions: A Scrapper Hero, any Hero and Black Cat.

Time for CP Farming!

  • Refer to the screenshot above this guide for sample Elektra Mission Command Points farming.
  • Enter the mission and team up with Daredevil. Elektra is an Infiltrator so Scrappers like Daredevil and Iron Fist will gain an extra attack after attacking Elektra!
  • Earn and buy the S.A. "Ambush" weapon for your Agent for better critical rates.

Before Getting a CP

  • Use Daredevil's "Radar Sense" to increase his critical rates!
  • Focus your attacks on Elektra until she drops a Command Points.
  • If you have health trouble, use Iron Fist's "Healing Chi" (must be Lvl 6).

After Getting a CP

  • After getting your precious Command Points, spam "Recharge" every turn instead of attacking.
  • Let your Heroes die and try to fight that battle again without having to go through all
    the earlier fights.
  • Earn more Energy to farm more Command Points! With the help of your friends
    (gifts and visits), you can easily rake 20 Command Points a day!, more if you play a lot!
  • Farm Command Points to get the Heroes you want early on to smoothly help you finish
    upcoming missions! If you can't decide which Hero to recruit, refer to the link below.


Start other missions will end existing missions and this is not the only way to farm Command Points. Discover more as you progress through Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

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