Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: ISO-8 Stats for Agents

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Isotope-8 items are used to increase the stats of your S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. If you still can't purchase any of the ISO-8 items below in the Store, you might need to unlock the ISO-8 technology first. Refer below to learn how.

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Isotope-8 for Agent Uniforms

Important Note:

"Strong ISO-8" means, the name of the ISO-8 and the color it belongs. In order to purchase this ISO-8 item, you need to go to the [Store] > [Resources] section. Look for the color it belongs and find the specific name mentioned.

Choose the highest "Strong ISO-8" tier you have unlocked. You can get better "Strong ISO-8" item tiers by researching as you progress through the game.

Isotope-8 for PVE

Here are some recommendations that you might want to use for your specific agent uniforms. Note thatthe following suggestions are for PVE or player versus enemies, and are not the only way to customize your uniforms. Equip the correct uniforms to counter all your enemies!


  • Commonly used uniform if you can't decide which specific uniform to use.
  • Mix [All Stats] = Chaotic ISO-8 and [Attack-Accuracy-Evasion] = Mercurial Iso-

Blaster Uniform

  • Since you can always deal critical hits on Bruisers, focus on attack!
  • Also ignores Bruiser's defense.
  • [Attack] = Strong ISO-8
  • Also add some [Health-Stamina-Accuracy] = Flourishing ISO-8

Bruiser Uniform

  • Bruisers are also good for PVE. Don't equip them when there is a Blaster around though.
  • Full [Attack-Defense-Accuracy] = Forceful ISO-8

Scrapper Uniform

  • Gives an extra attack after targeting Infiltrators. Focus around attack too!
  • Has the best critical output.
  • Full [Attack-Defense-Accuracy] = Forceful ISO-8

Infiltrator Uniform

  • Counters all attacks for 1 turn after attacking or being attacked by tacticians.
  • Has the best evasion output. Accuracy is increased when targeting tacticians.
  • Full [Attack-Accuracy-Evasion] = Mercurial ISO-8

Tactician Uniform

  • Gains a bonus turn after attacking Blasters.
  • [Health-Attack-Accuracy] = Steady ISO-8
  • Also add some [Health-Stamina-Accuracy] = Flourishing ISO-8

Isotope-8 for PVP

Put ISO-8 items on your agent depends on his or her role, but after some experiments and
observations, the generalist is the most common used all around uniform. It can also cover your team's weaknesses.

Recommended PVP Uniform

  • Generalist Uniform
  • Commonly used uniform if you can't decide which specific uniform to use.
  • Mix [All Stats] = ">Chaotic ISO-8 and [Attack-Accuracy-Evasion] = Mercurial ISO-8



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