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Thee Power Level shown on your Marvel: Avengers Alliance equipment is a good gauge for when you should switch out to a new weapon. This guide will go over how Marvel: Avengers Alliance power level works, and how it can effect your game play strategy and will discuss on the infinite power level scales with your level, and how to take advantage of them.

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What does Power Level Mean in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Power Level can be considered as "Potential" or "Efficiency" for the different weapons and items. Your Marvel: Avengers Alliance agent will receive damage upgrades as they level toward the "Power level" cap of individual equipment. You will be able to fully utilize the weapon's battle power when you have reach the Power level limit.

Maximizing and fulfilling the Power Level requirement does not make it a stronger weapon. There may be a higher level weapon that is available to you, you will deal more damage even if you cannot operate it at 100% efficiency. For example for comparison's sake, you can use a peashooter to deal 5 damage at 100% efficiency at level 5. Now imagine that you can use a machine gun that deals 100 damage, however you can only operate it at 10% efficiency. You will still deal more damage with the machine gun (10 damage) versus peashooter, even if you have really low "power level". As you level up your agent, you will "unlock" the damage potential of higher level gears that you can equip. This means as you level up, the 100 damage potential of machine gun will be fully realized through power level.

You can also treat it and imagine another way, that your weapon damage will grow based on your agent level – until it has reached the Power Level Cap of the equipment. Either way you translate and explain the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Power Level, you will reach the same conclusion. Strong weapons will only truly shine until you have reached the maximum damage potential as required in the Power Level.

  1. Damage potential for equipment is capped at Power Level Limit
  2. Damage range increases as Marvel: Avengers Alliance Agent Levels Up for Equipment
  3. Stronger Weapons can effectively be "nerfed" and deal lower damage due to insufficient power level

The Effect of Power Level in Game

The implementation of Power Level effectively lowers the power damage gap between the different weapon tiers. The Power Level increases your damage based on your level until it is maxed out, and at which time you will be more than likely to unlock the next tier of weapons. This can avoid significant power and damage gap between the different level tier weapons. This also effectively lowers the damage output gap between different level characters and agent. You do not get a strong damage output increase when you switch to the higher level weapon because of Marvel: Avengers Alliance Power Level.

This means – You should play around with the weapons that are offered to you at different stages of the game. You may be able to achieve stronger attack even with a lower level weapons – in some cases.

Picking Your Gears Based on Power Level

Test different Marvel: Avengers Alliance gears that you own as you level up. Every time you level up, your damage output based on the different weapons will change. It is to your best interest to go over your gears often to ensure that you are playing the best to become stronger in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

Excelsior Gold Weapon Power Level Growth

It is important to also touch upon the Excelsior (Gold Mastery) weapons and how they tie into the whole power level scheme of ideas. These Excelsior golden weapons are obtained when you complete the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Chapter with full 5 star mastery. Excelsior in latin means "going higher". In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, it means the same as well. Excelsior golden weapons have no Power Level cap, the Power Level grows and scales with your Agent level (going higher). This means that you will never be able to fully become efficient at utilizing the Excelsior weapons. The damage will keep on rising as your agent levels up. Excelsior items do not have finite power level cap.

However, the catch is that these Marvel: Avengers Alliance golden weapons have weak starting base stats compared to their regular weapon counterparts of the same level. This effect renders them weaker as same level weaponry peers. For example, if you are level 60, using level 60 gears will deal and generate more damage than using the golden gear.

Situations Where Marvel: Avengers Alliance Excelsior Power Level Makes Sense

There are two situations where it makes more sense to take advantage of Excelsior weapons even at a cost of lower damage output.

Saving Marvel: Avengers Alliance Silver for Other Upgrades

Golden weapon comes into handy when you want to skip a few weapons and save up for stronger versions and/or upgrade your flight deck and planes for remote OP. The damage of golden Excelsior grows indefinitely based on your level, this makes them a decent transient weapon to use when you are low on cash to purchase the weapon suitable for your level. Again, you should thoroughly test and tweak your setup to ensure when is the right timing of golden weapon usage makes sense.

Overpower at High Level

Because more items are being consistently released into the game, especially high level items as players are advancing. The Excelsior truly shine at higher levels as their base damage grows higher. With high level agent, you can deal significant amount of damage without breaking the bank to purchase high level silver and gold gears. Treat your Excelsior gears as investment that grows with time and your agent level. At low level, they are a waste of time and resource, but at high level they are gears that you want to keep as a part of your Marvel: Avengers Alliance arsenal. Their damage output will in some cases out-class some of its peers.

Verdict on Marvel: Avengers Alliance Excelsior Power Level

Given the effect and current setup of Excelsior golden rewards and gears, you do not really need the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Excelsior golden items at lower level. Nor are they necessary at lower level as the power level base is low. However, you should try to obtain these golden gears as you level up into end game stage of Marvel: Avengers Alliance. By utilizing the Power Level growth effect of Golden weapons, you will have very strong gears at levle 100+ while able to save for more items, Marvel: Avengers Alliance research, ISO-8′s, and upgrades.



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