Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: PvE Score Modifier

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

As you finish a quest several things pop up with a number to calculate your score. Here is a list of things that pop up, and why.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guide: PvE Score Modifier

Base score is largely determined by how well you do in battle, and to a lesser extent, which combination of heroes you chose. The multipliers you gain are determined mostly by the type of battle, and how many members of your team survived.

Base Score Total

  • Vitality - Bonus for ending combat with high health
  • Overkill - Bonus for dealing much more damage than necessary to defeat an enemy.
  • Rounds - Bonus for finishing combat quickly
  • Victory - Base score for completing mission
  • Body Count - Bonus for each enemy defeated
  • Endurance - Bonus for winning without resting. 150 points
  • Team-Up Bonuses (ex. Assemble!, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Frenemies): Earned for using certain pairs of heroes. 50 points each, stackable
  • Perfect Strategy - Bonus for winning without taking damage. 500 points
  • One Shot - Bonus for defeating an enemy in a single attack. 150 points
  • Quartermaster - Bonus for using a large number of items. 250 points


  • Hero Survival Multiplier - Score multiplier for each hero still standing: x1, x2, or x3
  • Threat Level Multiplier - Low = x1, Medium = x1.5, High = x2
  • Lieutenant Fight Multiplier - Score multiplier for defeating a mini-boss. x3
  • Boss Fight Multiplier - Score multiplier for defeating a boss. x5
  • Two Birds Multiplier - Score multiplier for defeating a boss and mini-boss at same time. x10
  • Epic Boss Fight Multiplier - Score multiplier for defeating an epic boss. x10


In the above example, 261 + 0 + 100 + 500 + 300 gives a base score total of 1,161. This total is then multiplied by 3 because each hero survived, which gives 3,483. This total is multiplied by 3 again because it was a mini-boss battle, giving a grand total score of 10,449.

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