Marvel: Avengers Alliance Complete Guide: PvP Season 14

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PVP season 14 is live now. Play for the adamantium league and recruit Hogun. Marvel Avengers Alliance: PvP Season 14 Patch Notes.


New Update on PVP 14

Unstoppable & Shepherd Tasks Expiring Soon
The Unstoppable and the Shepherd Staff task lines are now set to expire on 3/17. These tasks were launched with previous PVP Seasons and did not properly expire when those seasons ended.

Sunfire Task Expiration
Sunfire’s task expired on 2/13. The required items to complete the Sunfire task have been removed from Chapter 1 Mission 4 and the Season 2 deploys and incursions.

Incursions have been updated so it is less likely to face the same opponent if you end up on the losing side. This should also help ensure that failed missions do not play out exactly the same way, unless they are intended to do so.

Combat Engine Action Flow Refactor
We changed the flow of how pre-actions work on counters. This will allow us to make better improvements to existing and future character actions.

Changes to Game BalanceIn Spec Op 16 Mission 3, the fight against Pestilence, Selene, and Dragoness was overly difficult. The following balance changes have been made:

        ‘Skia Thanatou’ is getting a 1 round initial cooldown and a 3 round cooldown once the move is used
        ‘Skia Thanatou’ is now considered a "magic" attack
        ‘Masque of the Red Death’ now has a 1 round initial cooldown and a 3 round cooldown once the move is used
        ‘Masque of the Red Death’ no longer a QuickAction
        ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ now has a 3 round initial cooldown and a 3 round cooldown once the move is used

Bug Fixes on Pvp 14

    Iron Fist (Heroic Age Costume)
        Combo Breaker should now have a chance to prevent and counter enemies that perform a counterattack or follow-up attack.
        No longer removes debuffs when using No Holds Barred against Pestilence.
        Southern Hospitality should no longer stun.

PVP 14 New Task: "Cryptic Quest"

  • Satana has a tempting offer for the Agent... complete a few simple tasks in exchange for an item of great power. Who could say no?
  • This task can be started by completing a PVP battle and will be available through 3/17.

PVP 14 Rewards


Diamond Reward: Grim Mace

        Attacks ignore the defense stat
        Attacks do not bypass shields
        Power is set by Agent level when acquired
    Deadly Crits
        Deals extra damage on critical hits
    True Strike
        Ignores most Avoidance effects

Vibranium Reward: Blaster’s Empowered Armor

    Primed and Ready

Extends Rest, allowing a Blaster to gain Focused Attacks as a quick action.

Adamantium Reward: Hogun (New Hero)

Bio: Hogun the Grim finds little to smile about. With his homeland destroyed and his people slain, he wandered the Nine Realms until he eventually came to reside in Asgard. There he found lifelong friends in the form of Volstagg the Voluminous and Fandral the Dashing. Together, they form the Warriors Three, Asgard's most steadfast defenders and close allies of Thor.


Class: Scrapper / Infiltrator
        Self Passive: Path of Mastery
            Counts as both a Scrapper and Infiltrator and gains the advantages and disadvantages of both
        Self Passive: Way of the Warrior
            Chance to perform an attack when any ally attacks or is attacked

Action 1 : Windup Swing
        One Enemy

        Special Properties:
                Attacks ignore the defense stat
                Attacks do not bypass shields
                Next attack does more damage
                The next attack that hits is guaranteed to be a critical hit

Action 2 : Overwhelming Presence
        All Enemies
        2 Round Cooldown
        Starts on Cooldown
        Special Properties
                Does not trigger most status effects
            Quick Action
                Grants an immediate free turn after using
                Does not trigger follow-up effects
        All Enemies
                Single-target attacks provoke a counter-attack
                Single-target attacks against this target grant a follow-up attack

Action 3 : Elixir of Recovery
        Special Properties
            Raise A Glass
                Other Warriors Three also drink and gain these effects when used
            Remove Debuffs
                Removes harmful status effects fromt the targets
                Increases damage dealt by counter-attacks and follow-up attacks

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