Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Season 2 Chapter 2 Heroic Battle Guide

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What is Heroic Battle?

Heroic Battle GuideA Heroic Battle is a type of encounter involving a story-based battle with specific Heroes. The Agent does not fight with the heroes in this combat, marking the first time that the Agent is not used in combat. Heroic Battles was introduced alongside Incursion on Story: Season 2 Chapter 2.
Heroic Battles can be found as an orange version of the Team page's Icon on the current Mission's Map. It costs 10 Energy to start a Heroic Battle. Players cannot initiate a Heroic Battle without having the required hero or heroes recruited. Heroic Battles are said to be challenging for low-level Heroes, as certain Hero Abilities help greatly in succeeding throughout the battle.

Heroic Battle Reward:

If players are successful from a Heroic Battle, players have a chance to get a reward in the form of a roulette. The rewards range from random consumable Supplies, Isotope-8 and Command Points. There are also chances for specific Gear rewards ranging from Deploy Reward Gear to Limited Edition and Special Operations-exclusive Gear.

  • 1 / 3 / 5 Command Points
  • Random Isotope-8 (Tier and kind of Iso-8 depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Random Store and Premium Supplies (Tier and kind of Supply depends on the Agent's Level)
  • Challenge Points
  • Random Deploy Gear (Gear depends on the Agent's Level)

Mission 1 - Antiquity (Dr. Strange VS Dormammu)

  • Heroes Required: Dr. Strange
  • Tips: First of all its important to remember that Dr. Strange's Lv6 skill (Vapors of Valtor) puts "Dark Control" on the Minions as an extra bonus. So use that first chance you get to ALL ENEMIES. That will make the minions attack each other. In meanwhile spam Dr. Strange's Lv1 Skill on Dormammu. If Dr. Strange gets inflicted by de-buffs, use his Lv2 skill (Teresing Boost) to heal.

Mission 2 - Eight Fingers (Daredevil VS Bullseye)

  • Heroes Required: Daredevil
  • Tips: On your first available chance, you Daredevil's Lv2 skill (Radar Sense) on yourself. This will cause Daredevil to sense all incoming attacks from Bullseye and he will counter them with his Lv1 skill (Billy Club). The trick is to use Daredevil's Lv6 skill (Snap Kick) and Lv9 skill (Manrikigusari) on Bullseye, which will cause Weekened and Exposed on him. Eventually cause of Daredevil's Radar Sense skill, he will dodge almost 80% of bullseye's attacks and counter every single hit.

Mission 3 - Foggy Vision (Captain America, Iron Man & Thor vs Militant, Hammer & Tactical Force)

  • Heroes Required: Captain America, Iron Man & Thor
  • Tips: This is a 3 round battle and since your agent is not fighting, you cannot use any healing items or distress call. Try to concentrate your buffs and attacks. Use Thor's Lv6 skill (Inspire Bravery) at the first available chance to give "Strengthened" to ALL ALLIES. That will help with this battle much faster, as you will be using Iron Man and Captain America to fight your way out of this. You can also use Iron Man's Lv2 skill (Missile Barrage) to inflict "Burning" to your enemies. His Lv6 skill (Deflector Shield) can also comes handy in this battle for any surprise attack. If you have Iron Man's Mk 42 Armor Suit, this battle would be more quicker (preferred but not required).  This is rather a normal fight, but low level players can have some difficulties. Make sure your heroes are leveled-up and got preferred ISO-8 equipped.

Mission 4 - The Sting (    Wolverine VS Deadpool (and Bob))

  • Heroes Required: Wolverine
  • Tips: Most important thing is to eliminate Bob ASAP. He will protect Deadpool each turn. Bob will revive himself 3 times. Deadpool will not attack you while Bob is alive. Once you killed Bob 3 times, Deadpool will morph Bob to a Power Armor. Again, concentrate on the Armor. Once Power Armor is dead, use Wolverine's Lv1 (Adamantium Claws) and Lv2 (Berserker Frenzy) combo on Deadpool to finish him off. Wolverine's Passive skill (Healing Factor) is your strongest weapon in this Heroic Battle.

Mission 5 - Rehabilitation (    Spider-Man VS Green Goblin)

  • Heroes Required: Spider-Man
  • Tips: Cast Spider-Man's Lv2 skill (Spider-Sense) on yourself at the first available chance. Spider-Man with an Infiltrator suit will have a added advantage in this fight. Since he will counter attack every hit by Green Goblin. This is a pretty basis battle. Use Spider-Man's Lv1 skill (Web Shot) on Green Goblin, followed by his Lv6 skill (Web Slingshot) and Lv9 skill (Web Swing) to deal extra damage when Green Goblin is "Webbed".

Premium Mission: Rock Candy (Scarlet Witch + Quick Silver VS M-Series (RHO MK III, TAU KI III, SIGMA MK III))

  • Heroes Required: Scarlet Witch + Quick Silver
  • Tips: This is pretty much a basic fighting battle. Your Quick Silver will get first chance in battle, use this opportunity to use his Lv1 skill (Blinding Punches), which is "Stealthy" and will also gives "Quickness" to Quick Silver". Collect a maximum of 5 "Quickless" and use his Lv6 skill (One Mile Punch) or Lv9 skill (Vortex Lariat), depending on the situation. Scarlet Witch can be used both as a defensive player as well as on offense. And you can do a mix of both defense and offense, depending on the situation. Try to concentrate one M-Series at a time, and this battle will be over in no time.



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