Marvel: Avengers Alliance - Season 2 Chapter 3 Guide

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"Both the Brotherhood and the Maggia are missing leaders, and HYDRA is trying to fill the void. Meanwhile, someone is continuing to murder low-level villains. But for what purpose?"  — Chapter Briefing


Mission 1 - Shattered

"Crimson Dynamo's working for the Brotherhood now? Maybe they have a better 401k package than A.I.M." — Mission Preview


Unlock Requirements: Complete 20 Tasks in Chapter 2 - Crazy Eights

Team Up: Shatterstar

Location: Urban Core

Boss Drop: Infiltrator Enchancer

Mission 2 - Gates of Hell

"Yorkville is infested with demonic portals. Hopefully the doors of the mayor's mansion are locked tight." — Mission Preview


Unlock Requirements: Complete 3 Tasks

Team Up: Magik

Location: Empire State University

Mission 3 - Capo Crimine

"Wonder Man's not going to like this. The Grim Reaper's back, and this time he has his sights set on becoming head of the Maggia." — Mission Preview


Unlock Requirements: Complete 7 Tasks

Team Up: Daredevil

Location: Brooklyn Bridge

Mission 4 - Growing Pains

"The Brotherhood's at it with their Mutant Growth Hormone experiments again. Luckily we have an expert on growth at our service: Hank Pym." — Mission Preview


Unlock Requirements: Complete 11 Tasks

Team Up: Hank Pym

Location: Columbus Circle

Mission 5 - Techno Illogic

"The Fixer's been tinkering in his garage again. This time he's decided to fix up Sentinels." — Mission Preview


Unlock Requirements: Complete 15 Tasks

Team Up: Fantomex

Location: Alcatraz

Premium Mission: Punishment

"Grim Reaper's coup of the Maggia has turned into a massive crime family civil war. Send in The Punisher to do what he does best." — Mission Preview


Unlock Requirements: Punisher recruited

Team Up: Punisher

Location: Little Italy

Chapter Mastery

Mastering the Chapter grants various rewards. The following heroes are required for chapter mastery.



  • The Side Tasks requiring the use of Shatterstar, Magik, Daredevil, Hank Pym, Fantomex and Punisher in combat can be done without recruiting them during their respective Team Up Missions in Chapter 3.
  • Punisher is not an Epic Boss Deploy Hero requirement but is required to unlock the Premium Mission that has the Epic Boss.

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