Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tips: High Evasion Heroes

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Here's a list of Heroes with High Evasion or Dodge rates, available from the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Refer here to learn the best, top or most used Heroes around the game. The list below is based on gathered observations and suggestions from players.

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Featured Evade Heroes

Heroes with high dodge rates usually have a high evasion stat or an ability that wouldincrease their dodge chance or evasion stat.To further increase your Heroes' dodge chances, increase their evasion stat.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance High Evasion Heroes

Spider-Man (90 CP)

Spider-Man's "Spider-Sense" is the reason why Spider-Man is one of thefavored dodgers around. Paired with his "Great Responsibility" passive ability, he can protect your team with his dodge and counter attacks!

Daredevil (48 CP)

Daredevil's "Radar Sense" gives a huge boost on Daredevil's evasion stat.It can also counter single-target attacks and grants a free turn after using.

Storm (48 CP)

Storm's "Protective Shroud" gives your whole team a pretty good chanceto dodge single-target attacks for 3 turns!

More Evade Heroes

  • Heroes that uses their own abilities or buffs to deal high dodge chance.
  • Heroes that usually wait for turns to utilize their evasion.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance High Evasion Heroes

Cyclops (15 CP)

  • Evasive Maneuvers

Invisible Woman (15 CP)     

  • Invisible

Iron Fist (15CP)   

  • Heart of Shou-Lao

Kitty Pryde (33 CP)   

  • Phased Attack

Nightcrawler (48 CP) 

  • Shadow Guard

Heroes with decent evasion rates that needs some Iso-8 items to get very high evade rates.

  • Black Cat
  • Black Widow
  • Hawkeye
  • Mockingbird

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