Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tips: Reactive Iso-8

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance recently introduced a new type of Iso-8 called "Reactive Iso-8." This new Iso-8 works similar to customized agent gear, in that it is always valuable for a player to obtain since the power is set based on the agent’s level. With this new addition the time has come for us to sunset the percentage based Iso-8 some of our beta players were able to purchase back in the beta event last year. If you are a user who happens to own some of these older Iso-8s, the game will be replacing them with the same sub-type of the newer "Reactive" Iso-8.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Reactive Iso-8

Listed below is the conversion from Beta Iso-8 to Reactive Iso-8:

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Reactive Iso-8

Reactive Iso-8

  • A new tier of Iso-8 called Reactive Iso-8 is here for players of level 125 and higher.
  • This Iso-8 is customized to your agent level, just like customized gear. So as your agent gets stronger you can always equip more powerful Isotope-8 to your team!
  • As a result of this new Isotope being discovered, there are many new research projects available as well. Complete them all to have access to all of the new Reactive Iso-8.
  • This new form of Iso-8 is also rumored to eventually be available to lower-level players through other parts of the game.

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